If you’re planning to travel with LATAM, you should know about the airline’s change flight policy. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to know about LATAM change flight policy, including any fees, restrictions, and procedures involved in making changes to your reservation. Familiarizing yourself with the policy will help you to navigate the flight change process smoothly and make the necessary adjustments to your travel plans without wasting your money.

Key Points to Remember About LATAM Flight Change Policy

LATAM Airlines change policy allows you to make modifications to your flight under certain conditions. It is important to familiarize yourself with the specific terms and conditions of the airline’s change policy before making any adjustments to your itinerary. 

For the most part, changes to flights are subject to change fees (penalties), depending on the fare type and the timing of the requested change. Also remember that when changing your flight, you must also pay the fare difference even if you’re entitled to a fee waiver. The other key points to remember about LATAM change flight policy are provided below.

  • Whether you can make changes to your flight will depend on your route (origin and destination) and the fare rules of your ticket. All tickets are subject to these rules, regardless of route:
    • Flex fares can be changed (or cancelled flight) without a fee. 
    • Control fares can be changed (or refunded) for a fee. 
    • Access and Base fares have restrictions on changes and refunds. 
  • The change flight fee will depend on your fare type and route.
  • The LATAM flight change policy for domestic routes within Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru is as follows:
    • Economy Promo fares cannot be changed. 
    • Economy Basic fares can be changed before departure for a fee (except on CL routes), but not after departure.
    • Economy Light fares can be changed before departure for a fee, but not after departure.
    • Economy Plus fares can be changed both before and after departure for a fee.
    • Economy Top fares can be changed both before and after departure for a fee.
    • Premium Economy Plus fares can be changed both before and after departure for a fee.
    • Premium Economy Top fares can be changed both before and after departure without any fee.
  • The change flight policy for domestic routes within Brazil is as follows:
    • Economy Light fares can be changed both before and after departure for a fee. 
    • Economy Plus fares can be changed both before and after departure for a fee.
    • Economy Top fares can be changed both before and after departure for a fee.
    • Premium Economy Plus fares can be changed both before and after departure for a fee.
    • Premium Economy Top fares can be changed both before and after departure without any fee.
  • Change fee waivers. LATAM Pass members holding Black Signature, Black, and Platinum status are exempt from change fees on redeemed/award tickets.
  • When changing flights, you must pay the fare difference between the old and the new fare in all cases (even for Top/Flex tickets).
  • If your flight is cancelled or rescheduled, you have the option to choose a new flight date at no additional cost, provided it is in the same class and to the same destination as the original flight. Your new flight date must be within 12 months of the date of purchase of your first flight on the trips not taken. For example, if your trip started on August 15, 2023, you have until August 14, 2024, to make the change.
  • You can make changes to your flight ticket online, by phone, at the airline’s ticketing office, through your travel agent, or at an airport ticket counter
  • You can make changes only once to your ticket, regardless of whether it’s the outbound flight, the return flight, or both. 
  • If you booked your ticket through a travel agent, you must request the changes directly through the agent. If you want to modify additional services (bags or seats), it is best to make these changes through the agent. However, you can contact LATAM directly for assistance in case of extraordinary circumstances, such as:
    • If you want to make changes to a flight departing within 48 hours. 
    • If you’re travelling on a normal fare and not an exclusive/agency promotional fare. 
    • If your travel itinerary only includes LATAM-operated flights or other flights available in LATAM’s systems.
    • If your ticket does not comprise a ground services program.

How to Change LATAM Flight?

LATAM Airlines change flight process

You can change a LATAM flight as follows: 

  1. Online through My Trips for cash tickets
  2. Online through My Trips > Changes and refunds for award tickets
  3. By phone
  4. Through the travel agency that issued your ticket 
  5. At LATAM’s ticketing/sales office
  6. At the airport ticket counter 


  • If your ticket includes baggage or seats, they will be refunded to your LATAM Wallet after you make the change.
  • If you purchased your ticket through a travel agency, contact the agent directly to make the change.
  • If you want to change extra options (car rental, hotel accommodation, etc.), you must contact the provider directly. 

LATAM Change Flight Online

You can change your ticket online via My Trips if the fare conditions of your ticket permit it. 

A screenshot of LATAM’s My Trips option used to make flight changes online

Follow the steps below to make flight changes online: 

  1. Go to the homepage, LATAMAirlines.com
  2. Select Manage your trips from My Trips
    The Manage your trips page will show up on your screen (see below)
A screenshot of LATAM’s Manage your trips page used to change your flight
  1. Enter your order number/reservation code and last name
  2. Click on the Search button
  3. Select the flight you want to make changes to
  4. Click on Ticket Change 
  5. Follow the prompts to change your flight time and/or date
    (route changes cannot be made online)
  6. Confirm the changes 
  7. Pay the applicable flight change fee and fare difference

You will receive your new itinerary by email as soon as your payment is confirmed. 


  • To learn whether you’ll be charged for making any flight changes, read the fare conditions appearing on your purchase receipt. Alternatively, you can check it through My Trips by going to Ticket Change and selecting a new travel date (the updated amount will show up). 
  • Regardless of whether you’ll be charged a change fee, you must pay the difference in fares between your original and new flight tickets. 
  • You will not be able to change your ticket online if:
    • You’ve already checked in for your flight. To make any changes after checking in, you’ll have to contact LATAM directly for assistance. 
    • Your ticket includes a special service, such as the unaccompanied minor (UM) service, medical requirements, in-cabin/checked pet service, and bassinet service.
    • Group and multi-destination bookings.
    • You’re making changes to your flight route.

How to change the flight date on LATAM?

You can change the flight date on LATAM through multiple channels. One option is to make the change online by visiting the LATAM website and accessing the Manage your trip section via My Trips. After accessing your flight booking, just follow the prompts to modify your flight date according to your needs. Another option is to contact LATAM’s customer service by phone, where dedicated agents are available to assist with date changes and answer any questions or concerns. If you purchased your ticket from a travel agent, you’ll need to contact the agent directly to request the date change. Alternatively, you can visit a LATAM sales office or airport ticket counter in person to make the necessary changes. 

How to change flight time on LATAM?

To change your flight time on LATAM, refer to the answer above and modify your flight time to suit your needs. Remember, all flight changes are subject to the availability of seats.

LATAM Airlines Change Fee for Cash Tickets 

LATAM Airlines change fee for cash tickets will depend on your fare type and route. If you’re flying to or from the United States: 

  • The change flight fee for non-Flex cash tickets (before departure) is USD 300 or the full fare, whichever is lower. 
  • The change fee for Flex/Premium Economy Top cash tickets is nil before or after departure. 

If you make any flight changes after departure, it will be treated as a No Show and you will be charged USD 450 or the full fare, whichever is lower.

LATAM Same Day Flight Change 

LATAM allows same-day flight changes as long as you keep the date, origin, and destination of your flight the same—and seats are available on the new flight.

The same-day flight change service is available 24 hours before departure online via My Trips or through the LATAM App, subject to the following conditions: 

  • Same-day flight changes are only permitted on LATAM-operated flights. 
  • After you pay a one-time cost, you will not be charged any fare difference for the new flight. 
  • Same-day changes apply to all passengers in the reservation.
  • The fare conditions of your original fare will remain the same. 
  • Both adults and children must pay the same charges. However, the service is free for children below 2 years of age.
  • You’re not allowed to change a connecting flight to a non-stop flight and vice-versa.

Same-Day Change Service Cost 

The one-time service cost for same-day flight changes is:

  • BRL 100 for domestic flights within Brazil. 
  • CLP 20,000 for domestic flights within Chile. 
  • COP 50,000 for domestic flights within Colombia.
  • USD 15 for domestic flights within Ecuador.
  • USD 30 for domestic flights within Peru. 
  • USD 75 for all other flights (national/international).

Note. The service charges above are non-refundable unless the flight is cancelled or delayed because of operational reasons, reasons relating to security or services, extraordinary circumstances, and force majeure situations that prevent you from boarding your new flight. In all such cases, you can request a refund through LATAM’s Contact Center.

Fee Waivers 

The following LATAM Pass members are exempt from same-day service charges:

  • Black Signature and Black members All flights
  • Platinum and Gold Plus members Domestic flights
  • Gold members Only within Colombia

Other than Basic fares, category benefits are available on all fares. 

Exceptions to Same-Day Flight Changes 

You cannot make a same-day flight change if:

  • You have already paid for your seat, baggage, and/or preferential boarding aside from your fare.
  • You have already sent your baggage to the airport counter. 
  • You booked a service that needs to be confirmed at least 24 hours before departure, such as for unaccompanied minors, pets in the hold, etc. 

LATAM Airlines Change Fee for Award Tickets

What is LATAM change flight fee for award tickets/tickets redeemed with Miles?

LATAM Airlines change fees for award tickets booked with LATAM Pass Miles are as follows:

Change Fees for Award Tickets on Domestic Routes
City/CountryChange Fees in CashChange Fees in LATAM Pass Miles
Within EcuadorUSD 152.400 miles
Within ColombiaUSD 252.800 miles
Within ChileUSD 405.700 miles
Within PeruUSD 165.700 miles
Within BrazilUSD 606.000 miles
LATAM Pass members having Black Signature, Black, and Platinum status enjoy a change fee waiver on award tickets.
Change Fees for Award Tickets on International Routes
City/CountryAward Ticket Change Fees in Cash
Within South AmericaUSD 75
South America 🡨🡪  United StatesUSD 200
Other International FlightsUSD 150
Black Signature, Black, and Platinum status members are exempt from paying any change fee on award tickets.

You can only change a LATAM Pass ticket if:

  • It hasn’t been used 
  • It hasn’t expired
  • You request the change before departure 
  • Your LATAM Pass Miles are valid for redemption 
  • You pay the difference in fares 

LATAM Airlines Schedule Change Policy

LATAM Airlines schedule change policy allows you to adjust your travel plans in case of a schedule change by the airline. If LATAM changes your flight schedule, you will be notified by email or SMS and provided alternative options and care services depending on the length of the delay. 

If you’re unable to travel because LATAM is responsible for delaying your flight by at least 31 minutes or bringing your flight forward by at least 16 minutes, you can: 

  • Change your travel date at no additional charge in any of the following ways:
    • Bring your flight forward by up to 7 days, or 
    • Postpone your flight by up to 15 days 
  • Change your flight route by only paying the fare difference but not the change fee
  • Ask for a refund of your fare (without penalty) 

Note. The schedule change policy does not cover flight cancellations and delays caused due to extraordinary circumstances beyond LATAM’s control, such as bad weather, airport strikes, ATC issues, political instability, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions on LATAM Change Flight Policy

Planning a trip to LATAM Airlines but worried about the flexibility of your flights? The FAQs section below on LATAM change flight policy answers all your burning questions, from how to change your flight to the fees involved and the rules and restrictions you need to be aware of. So whether you’re dealing with unexpected circumstances or simply need to adjust your travel plans, read on to find out everything you need to know about changing your flights with LATAM Airlines.

Can I change my LATAM flight?

Yes, you can change all LATAM flight tickets except for Economy Promo fares. However, you must pay the applicable flight change fee (in most cases) plus the fare difference (in all cases).

Does LATAM charge for changing dates?

Unless you’ve purchased a Flex/Premium Economy Top ticket, LATAM will charge you a flight change fee for changing flight dates. You will also have to pay the fare difference between the original and the new fare. 

How long do I have to change my ticket?

How long you have to change your ticket will depend on what type of ticket you’ve purchased. Most tickets are valid for 12 months from the date of the first flight. If you have reached your destination, the validity of your return ticket will depend on the maximum stay permitted on your ticket. You can view this through My Trips or in the Maximum stay allowed section of the receipt you would have been issued via email after purchasing your ticket. Alternatively, call LATAM and ask.

Is there a deadline for making a change of flight on LATAM? 

Yes, there is a deadline for making flight changes with LATAM. Refer to the answer above for information on how to know the deadline for your fare type.

How can I know whether I can change my ticket?

Whether you can change your ticket or not will be indicated in the email receipt issued to you after you purchase your ticket. You can also check this online through My Trips or by calling LATAM Airlines.

If I change my flight, what will happen to the extras I’ve already purchased?

If you purchased extras such as bags, seats, etc., you must complete the flight change process first and then handle the seat issue via WhatsApp (on the Help Center page) or by calling LATAM directly. However, you won’t need to do anything for your baggage as it will be automatically transferred to your new flight booking. 

What conditions apply to flight changes?

When changing your flight ticket, the following conditions apply:
• Flight changes are free only for cancelled and rescheduled flights. 
• The origin and destination of your flight must be the same. 
• The new flight must be in the same cabin as the original flight. 
• Online flight changes apply to all passengers in the booking.

Are there any flight change restrictions I should be aware of?

Yes, you must use your flights in the order in which they appear on your ticket. If you don’t take an outbound flight, you won’t be allowed to take the return flight because the entire itinerary will be cancelled. The only exceptions (under certain conditions) apply to flights originating in Italy, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, and Brazil. To see whether you’re eligible for the exceptions, you must call LATAM at least 24 hours prior to departure of the flight you propose not to take. 

How much does it cost to change a flight on LATAM? 

The cost of changing a flight with LATAM will depend on your fare type, route, and when you make the change—before or after departure, or within 24 hours of departure (same day). Flex and Premium Economy Top fares can be changed free of charge before or after departure, but you must pay the fare difference (in all cases). 

Non-Flex fares will incur a flight change fee, depending on your route and when you make the change. 
For details, refer to the section titled LATAM Airlines Change Fee for Cash Tickets.

Can I change my destination on LATAM? 

Yes, As per the LATAM change flight policy you can change your flight destination on LATAM, but additional charges will apply depending on the fare conditions of your ticket and seat availability.

How can I change my flight on LATAM? 

You can change your flight on LATAM through various channels such as LATAM’s website, mobile app, customer service, sales office, the travel agent that issued your ticket, or at the airport ticket counter.

What if my new flight is costlier than my original booking? 

If your new flight ticket is costlier than your original flight, you must pay the fare difference (in addition to the applicable change of flight fee).

Can I make multiple changes to my flight? 

You can only change your outbound, return, or outbound-and-return flight once, but not multiple times. If you run into any problems, call LATAM for assistance.

Can I change my return flight separately from my outbound flight? 

Yes, you can change your return flight separately from your outbound flight, subject to seat availability and the fare conditions of your ticket (Economy Promo fares cannot be modified). And since flight changes can only be made once, be sure to make all the required changes at the same time. 

Can I change my flight if I booked through a third party? 

If you booked your flight through a third-party travel agency or website, you should contact them directly for assistance with changing your flight.

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