JetBlue’s Unaccompanied Minors (UMNR) service is provided to children between 5 and under 14 years traveling without a parent or an adult guardian on direct domestic and international flights. Children below 5 years will not be accepted unless they are accompanied by a passenger who is at least 14 years old.

The unaccompanied minors service is available: 

  • At the departure airport, onboard, during connections, and at the destination airport.
  • On certain partner/codeshare airlines. 
  • For children with reduced mobility or disabilities. 

How to Book the Unaccompanied Minor Service (UMNR) on JetBlue

  • You can book your child’s ticket online or by phone.
  • A service fee of USD 150/passenger/way will be charged at the time of booking, in addition to the ticket price. 
  • Download, print, and fill out the Unaccompanied Minor Form as you will be required to present 3 copies of this form (for each flight) at check-in. You may also fill out this form at the check-in counter, but doing it earlier will save you time at the airport.

Note. If you’ve booked an international flight online for an unaccompanied minor, you must: 

  1. Call JetBlue Reservations after you receive the confirmation number. 
  2. Provide the full contact details of the person who will drop off and pick up your child, i.e., name, address, and phone number exactly as it appears on the photo ID.

A partial screenshot of JetBlue’s Unaccompanied Minor Form

Baggage Allowance 

Unaccompanied Minors are entitled to: 

  • The full checked baggage allowance for their class of travel. 
  • A carry-on baggage allowance of 1 personal item and 1 carry-on bag even a Blue Basic fare.

Conditions of travel 

  • If traveling internationally, must meet the destination country’s documentation requirements by contacting the nearest consulate or embassy.
  • Unaccompanied minors can travel only on nonstop flights (domestic and international). Unaccompanied minors will not be accepted on connecting flights. 
  • Unaccompanied minors are not permitted on JetBlue bookings with other airlines. 
  • The Unaccompanied Minor must be:
    • Escorted and checked-in by a parent or responsible adult guardian.
    • Received at the destination airport by an authorized adult who is at least 18 years old.
  • If the unaccompanied minor is traveling with another passenger:
    • And the passenger is at least 14 years old, children between 2 and 13 years old can be escorted by the passenger without booking the unaccompanied minor service.
    • And the passenger is on another reservation, you will need to book the service by phone so that JetBlue can ensure that the unaccompanied minor fee isn’t added to the passenger’s reservation. In such a scenario, the phone booking fee of USD 25 will be waived. When calling JetBlue, have the accompanying adult’s 6-letter confirmation code readily available with you. 
  • If the unaccompanied minor has a disability or any special requirements, the parent or guardian must inform the airline at the time of booking so that necessary arrangements can be made in advance. 
  • It is mandatory for unaccompanied minors to check in at the airport counter. 
  • Unaccompanied minors are not required to carry a photo ID (but it is recommended). However, the adults who will be dropping off and picking up the unaccompanied minor must carry a valid photo ID and must be named on the reservation.

Unaccompanied Minors Seating on JetBlue

  • Unaccompanied minors are seated in the last row (A, B, and C) so that they can receive prompt assistance when required (only 3 unaccompanied minors are allowed per non-stop flight).
  • Unaccompanied minors are not permitted to occupy Mint or Even More Space seats.

At the departure airport 


  • The parent or guardian escorting the unaccompanied minor to the airport:
    • Must carry a valid photo ID.
    • Must carry 3 copies of the Unaccompanied Minor (UMNR) Form.
    • Have his/her name, address, and cellphone number documented on the unaccompanied minor’s reservation.
    • Must reach the airport well before the check-in deadline (indicated on the ticket).
    • Must proceed to the drop-off location at the airport with the child after collecting a gate pass. Gate passes are issued based on TSA’s discretion, but not guaranteed. 
    • Must check in any bag that the child is unable to carry alone. 
    • Wait at the airport until after the flight departs. 
  • A JetBlue staff member will escort the child to the aircraft.


  • The child will be escorted to his/her seat by a JetBlue staff member. 

Connecting flights

  • JetBlue does not accept unaccompanied minors on connecting flights or even direct flights that make a stop but do not involve a change of aircraft. 
  • Escorts are not provided for connecting flights. Passengers will be responsible for transferring the child to another airline. 

International flights 

  • You must comply with the destination country’s documentation requirements prior to travel. 
  • JetBlue does not accept unaccompanied minors on flights to/from London.

During the flight

  • The flight crew will check on your child from time to time.
  • Ask your child to:
    • Notify a flight attendant if (s)he needs assistance. 
    • Follow the safety instructions.
    • Wait for a JetBlue crew member to escort him/her to the gate after arrival.

Arrival and pick-up

At the arrival airport: 

  • The parent or the designated adult guardian picking up the child:
    • Must have their name, address, and cellphone number on the Unaccompanied Minor’s reservation form.
    • Must be at least 18 years old. 
    • Must arrive at the airport at least 30 minutes before the flight’s scheduled arrival.
    • Must carry a valid ID.
    • Must take charge of your child at the gate.

Unaccompanied Minors Fee 

JetBlue charges a fee of USD 150 per passenger per way, in addition to the price of the ticket. 

Frequently Asked Questions on JetBlue Unaccompanied Minors Policy

How do I book the unaccompanied minor service on JetBlue?

You can book your child’s ticket online, by phone, through a JetBlue ticket office, or your travel agent. However, you must ensure that all the necessary documentation is complete before your child can travel. 

How much does JetBlue charge for providing the unaccompanied minor service?

JetBlue charges a service fee of USD 150 per passenger per way, in addition to the price of the ticket.

Can a 14-year-old child fly unaccompanied on JetBlue?

Yes, children who have completed their fourteenth birthday are allowed to travel alone on JetBlue. However, they may receive additional assistance if requested by phone. 

What are the age requirements for children travelling alone on JetBlue?

Children between 5 and under 14 years who are travelling alone must travel after booking the unaccompanied minor service. Children below 5 years of age are not permitted to travel alone on JetBlue Airways. Children who are 14 years or older are allowed to travel alone but can receive additional assistance if requested. 

Can children travel alone on JetBlue international flights?

JetBlue Airways accepts unaccompanied minors (between 5 and under 14 years old) on all international flights, provided meet all the documentation requirements of the destination country, such as passport, visa, notarized parental letters of consent, etc.

How do I fill out a JetBlue unaccompanied minor form?

To fill out the JetBlue unaccompanied minor form, click on this link: Unaccompanied Minor Form, download it, and fill it out. Remember, you must provide 3 copies of this form at the airport check-in counter. You can also fill out 3 copies of this form at the check-in desk, so keep some extra time if you prefer to fill out the forms at the airport.

Can a 14-year-old fly with a 16-year-old on JetBlue?

Children who have completed their fourteenth birthday are allowed to travel alone on JetBlue. 

What identification is needed for a child to fly JetBlue?

An unaccompanied minor who is travelling on a domestic flight within the United States is not required to carry a photo ID. However, the accompanying adult and the adult who will be receiving the child at the destination airport must carry a valid photo ID and their names must be mentioned on the reservation.
Unaccompanied minors flying on international flights must carry a valid passport (along with any documentation required by the country of destination).

Are there any restrictions for unaccompanied minors on JetBlue?

JetBlue does not accept unaccompanied minors on: 
1. Connecting flights. 
2. Direct flights that include a stop but not a change of aircraft. 
3. Interline or codeshare flights.

How can I avoid paying the unaccompanied minor fees on JetBlue?

If you want to avoid paying the unaccompanied minors fees on JetBlue, use a credit card with airline credits, like Amex Platinum.

Can an unaccompanied minor fly on JetBlue connecting flights?

No, JetBlue does not permit unaccompanied minors to travel on connecting flights.

Where do unaccompanied minors sit on JetBlue?

Unaccompanied minors always sit in the aircraft’s last row at JetBlue.

Can I book an unaccompanied minor online?

Yes, you can book an unaccompanied minor’s flight on JetBlue via If you’re booking an international flight online, you must call JetBlue after receiving the confirmation code provide the name, address, and phone number (as it appears on the photo ID) of the person who will be dropping off and picking up your child. 

Do unaccompanied minors board early on JetBlue?

Yes, unaccompanied minors get pre-boarding privileges, so they get to board early for their JetBlue flight.

Can unaccompanied minors fly on international routes?

Yes, unaccompanied minors are accepted on all international flights.

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