Sun Country Airlines does not provide unaccompanied minor services for children travelling alone. Under-15-year-old passengers (defined as children) are not allowed to travel alone and must be accompanied by an adult (18 years or older) on all flights, or a Young Adult (15-17 years old) on select flights within the U.S. or to Puerto Rico.

Age Restrictions for Children on Sun Country

According to the Sun Country unaccompanied minor policy:

  • Children who are 14 years or younger must be accompanied by an adult passenger.
  • Children who are 15-17 years old (Young Adults) can travel alone within the U.S. and to Puerto Rico. 
  • Children who are 5-14 years old can travel within the U.S. and to Puerto Rico with a Young Adult (15-17 years old). 
  • Children travelling to Central America, Mexico, or the Caribbean must travel with a passport and must be accompanied by an adult passenger (at least 18 years old). 

Children Travelling with Young Adults 

  • Children between 5-14 years of age can be accompanied by a Young Adult (15-17 years old), as long as the young adult is on the same flight and in the same compartment of the aircraft.
  • Passengers who are under 18 years old cannot be responsible for a child passenger unless they are the child passenger’s parent. 

Sun Country Policy for Lap Children/Infants 

  • Children between 8 days and 24 months old (lap children) are allowed to travel free of charge on Sun Country—but under the following conditions:
    • The parent/adult guardian must carry the child’s birth certificate for age verification. 
    • The child must be held in the lap by the ticketed adult passenger. 
    • Only 1 lap child is allowed per ticketed adult passenger. 
    • The lap child’s carry-on baggage will count toward the adult passenger’s carry-on baggage allowance. 
    • A Young Adult cannot travel with a lap child unless she/he is the lap child’s parent. 
    • Only 1 lap child per seat row is allowed. 

Child Restraint Systems 

Ticketed children up to 24 months old can travel with government-approved hard-backed child safety seats/restraint systems in the passenger compartment, as long as: 

  • They are seated next to the parent/guardian, and 
  • The child-restraint system can be secured properly with the aircraft’s seatbelt 

Strollers and car seats can be taken as checked baggage at no additional charge. However, Sun Country will not accept liability for any damage to strollers and car seats that are not properly packed and checked at the airport counter, unless required otherwise for international flights. 

Child Accompaniment Services 

Sun Country Airlines does not provide child accompaniment services for unaccompanied minors.

Restrictions on Children Travelling with Only 1 Parent 

Children travelling with only one parent or a passenger who is not the child’s parent or legal guardian must carry a notarized Minor Travel Consent Form signed by both parents/legal guardian. 

The form must include:

  • The name of the parent, child, and passenger travelling with the child.
  • Notarized signature(s) of the non-accompanying parent(s)


  • It is recommended that the Minor Travel Consent Form include the: 
  • Travel dates of the child 
  • Destinations to which the child will be travelling 
  • Airlines on which the child will be travelling
  • A summary of the circumstances relating to the travel

Note. The child must carry the original letter and not scanned copy/photocopy plus proof of relationship between the parent and the child, such as a birth certificate/court document and/or original custody decree (if applicable).

Frequently Asked Questions on Unaccompanied Minors/Children Travelling Aline on Sun Country

Are car seats mandatory for children?

Car seats are not mandatory on Sun Country. However, FAA-approved car seats (child restraint systems) are highly recommended for seat-occupying children who are unable to sit upright and cannot be secured properly with a seatbelt. 

Booster seats are not allowed onboard but can be checked at the counter/gate for no additional charge as they will not count toward your baggage allowance.

Can my infant travel on my lap?

Yes, children between 8 days and 2 years of age can travel as lap-held children free of charge on Sun Country Airlines. However, you will need to check in at the airport and bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate for age verification. 

Can I travel with more than one lap infant?

Yes, you can—as long as the number of lap infants does not exceed the number of adults on the reservation.

When is it mandatory for children to travel on a seat?

Children who are 2 years or older must travel on their own seat and pay the full fare. 

Will our family be seated together?

If you want to sit with your family/travel companions, you should consider purchasing a seat selection in advance. If you don’t pre-select a seat, you will be randomly assigned a seat at no additional charge. If you’re travelling with children and do not select your seat, Sun Country will try to seat children with at least one adult on the reservation at check-in. 

On what seats are car seats are not allowed?

Car seats are not allowed on exit row seats, aisle seats, and in rows immediately behind or in front of an exit row.

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