The Swoop Airlines cancellation policy does not permit any cancellations outside of the 24-hour grace period, as long as you book your flight more than 7 days before departure. All Swoop tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

The major highlights of Swoop Airlines cancellation policy are as follows:

  • All Swoop tickets are non-refundable outside of the 24-hour grace period. 
  • All tickets are non-transferable.
  • Tickets purchased more than 7 days before departure can be cancelled within 24 hours of purchase, with refunds issued to the original form of payment. 
  • If you fail to show up for your flight:
    • You will not be issued any refund or flight credit.
    • The fare paid by you will be forfeited. 
    • You will not be charged a No-Show fee.
  • If you couldnā€™t cancel your flight within the 24-hour grace period, the best option is to change your flight at least 3 days before departure by paying a flight change fee. Alternatively, you should purchase ModiFly at the time of booking to make a free one-time change on the same route and fare type under certain conditions. 

When is Swoop Airlines Flight Cancellation Free?

Any Swoop Airlines flight cancellation made within the 24-hour grace period is free of charge. According to Swoop Airlines’ 24-hour cancellation policy, flight cancellations made within 24 hours of booking for flights more than 7 days later are fully refundable to the original form of payment. This includes the refund of the Contact Center fee of CAD 15 if you booked your ticket through a Contact Center.

The Swoop Airlines cancellation policy does not permit flight cancellations outside of the 24-hour grace period described above. 

Swoop Airlines Cancelled Flights Policy

If your Swoop flight is cancelled or disrupted, you have the option to:

  1. Take the next available flight on Swoop Airlines
  2. Take the next available flight on WestJet 
  3. Cancel and refund your ticket
    (to your original form of payment)

The Swoop Airlines cancelled flights policy also states that if your flight was cancelled and: 

  • If you qualify for a refund, the refund amount will be equal to the full value of your flight ticket, incl. taxes and extras such as the seat and baggage fees. 
  • If youā€™re offered an alternate flight that you decline for any reason, youā€™ll be offered a travelā€Æcredit for the full value of your flight, incl. taxes and extras, valid for up to 24 months after the cancellation date. 

Tip: The quickest way to exercise any of the 3 options above is to: 

  • Follow the instructions provided in the email sent by Swoop Airlines, or 
  • Chat with an agent on social media
    Note. The Swoop agent can only help you with the options provided in the email.

Swoop Airlines Flight Cancellation Documentation for Insurance Claims

If you purchased insurance and wish to file a claim for a cancelled flight, send a message on social media and the Swoop team member will provide the necessary forms. Be sure to include the following information in your message, your name, address, email, and flight details. 

Swoop Airlines Disruption Compensation

  • If your flight is disrupted by more than 3 hours due to reasons outside the airlineā€™s control, you will be offered the next available flight on Swoop Airlines or another airline (if requested) with which it has a commercial agreement.
  • If your flight is disrupted due to reasons within the airlineā€™s control but for safety purposes, and:
    • You were informed of the disruption within 12 hours of the departure time indicated on your original ticket and you had to wait for 2 hours after the stated departure time, you will be provided food and drink vouchers.
    • If the flight delay of the original or alternative flight is likely to extend overnight, you will be offered free hotel accommodation plus transportation from the airport to the hotel and back.
  • If your flight was disrupted due to reasons with the airlineā€™s control, you will receive:
    • Food and drink vouchers if the disruption exceeds 2 hours, or a hotel voucher if the delay is likely to extend overnight. 
    • A full refund of your itinerary if the disruption exceeds 3 hours, or get rebooked on the next available flight on Swoop Airlines or another airline (if requested) with which Swoop has a commercial agreement. 
    • A compensation of CAD 400 (in case of large carrier) and CAD 125 (in case of small carrier) if you requested a refund and were informed of the disruption within 14 days of departure. 

Expenses Incurred Due to Cancellations and Delays

If you incur any out-of-pocket expenses due to a controllable flight cancellation or delay, you can request Swoop Airlines for reasonable reimbursement, as long as youā€™re able to provide itemized receipts. If your request is approved, you will be reimbursed electronically or as convenient to you. 

Reimbursements can be for:

  • Hotel accommodations: If Swoop could not secure a hotel room for you, you will be reimbursed for reasonable accommodations, as long as it does not include in-room movie charges, gratuities/tips, and long-distance phone call charges.
  • Meals: If you did not receive meal vouchers during a controllable delay, you will be reimbursed up to CAD 30/day/passenger, provided it doesnā€™t include alcoholic beverages and gratuities.
  • Transportation: If Swoop was unable to provide transportation, you will be reimbursed the transportation cost from the airport to the hotel and back. 

Swoop Airlines Denied Boarding Policy and Compensation

If you are denied boarding due to overbooking (i.e., if more passengers check-in for your flight), you will be: 

  • Booked on the next available flight, or
  • Issued compensation based on the length of the delay 

If you are involuntarily (i.e., against your will) denied boarding due to reasons with the airlineā€™s control, you may be entitled to compensation based on the length of the delay at arrival, as shown below.

Swoop Airlines Denied Boarding Compensation
Length of DelayDomestic Flights (Canada)Transborder Flights (to/from the U.S.A.)International Flights (Outside Canada/U.S.A.)
0 ā€“ 6 hoursCAD 900CAD 900CAD 900
6 ā€“ 9 hoursCAD 1,800CAD 1,800CAD 1,800
9-plus hoursCAD 2,400CAD 2,400CAD 2,400
Note: If you are involuntarily denied boarding, Swoop will inform you in writing the amount of compensation you will receive.  You will receive your denied boarding compensation by cash (or equivalent), check, bank draft, or travel credit (subject to your agreement) on the day and place of the boarding denial, but no later than 48 hours after the boarding denial if it cannot be made by the new departure time. The compensation amount can be supplemented if the delay at arrival exceeds the previously agreed period at the time of payment.

Exceptions to Boarding Denial Compensation

You will not be entitled to denied boarding compensation if the reason for the boarding denial is attributable to you, such as due to: 

  • Invalid/improper ID 
  • Missing the check-in deadline
  • Medical reasons
  • Intoxication

Time Limit for Compensation Claim. You have up to 1 year to file a compensation claim with Swoop Airlines. 

Swoop Airlines Cancellations Process

You can cancel your Swoop flight:

  • Online through My Bookings 
  • By phone
    • Contact a call center in your city or country 
  • At a Swoop Airlines retail outlet
  • At a Swoop Airlines airport ticket counter 
  • Through an authorized Swoop Airlines travel agent

Swoop Airlines Flight Cancellation Online

Online cancellations for Swoop Airlines flights can be made through the airlineā€™s website as follows:

  1. Go to the homepage,
  2. Select My Bookings

The Manage my bookings page will appear (see below)

  1. Enter your Reservation code and Last name 
  2. Hit the Find my booking button 
  3. Select your flight and cancel it 


  • If youā€™re cancelling outside of the 24-hour grace window, the standard cancellation fee will apply.
  • You can make changes through the Manage my bookings page right from the time you book your flight till 24 hours before departure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the answers to the most frequently asked questions on Swoop Airlines cancellation policy below.

What is Swoop Airlines COVID cancellation policy?

The Swoop COVID cancellation policy is no longer effective. If you had cancelled a transborder or international flight booking before March 23, 2020 (or if your flight was cancelled by Swoop) and you had received a travel credit in exchange, the validity of the travel credit was for 24 months, i.e., till March 22, 2022.

Is Swoop Airlines cancelling flights?

Swoop Airlines may cancel flights due to extreme weather conditions when airport operations may be temporarily suspended. In such a scenario, you will be informed in advance by email and/or SMS.

What is the Swoop Airline booking cancellation policy?

The Swoop Airline booking cancellation policy does not allow voluntary cancellations (i.e., cancellations by passengers) outside of the 24-hour grace period for tickets purchased more than 7 days before departure. All tickets can be cancelled and refunded without penalty within the 24-hour grace period.

Will I receive a travel credit if I missed my flight?

No, you will not. Swoop Airlines does not provide travel credits for missed flights. You will also not be entitled to refunds for optional extras such as seat and baggage selection fees.

Does Swoop provide travel insurance?

Yes, Swoop provides travel insurance through its partner, Chubb Insurance.

How can I purchase travel insurance on Swoop?

You can purchase travel insurance (only by credit card) at the time of booking or later through My Booking (online).

Is my travel insurance refundable?

Yes, you can cancel your travel insurance policy and receive a full refund within 10 days of purchasing it, as long as it is before your flightā€™s scheduled departure time and you have not filed a claim. The travel insurance policy cannot be refunded after 10 days or if your flight is cancelled or delayed.

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