Navigating the TUI Flight Change Policy can be straightforward if you’re aware of the key guidelines and fees associated with modifying your booking. If you find yourself wanting to change your flight date, time, airport, or even the route, TUI change flight policy allows for such adjustments, albeit with some conditions. 

For example, if the cost of your new ticket exceeds the cost of the original ticket, the difference in fares will be charged in addition to any applicable change fees. Conversely, if the new fare is lower, the change fee will remain the same but no refund will be offered for the fare difference. 

You’re also entitled to a refund if your flight schedule is significantly changed and if the alternative flight offered by TUI doesn’t suit your needs or cannot be arranged. As explained below, the TUI Flight Change Policy accommodates passengers under various circumstances, especially in case of unforeseen schedule changes or personal emergencies, ensuring that your travel plans can be adjusted with minimal hassle. 

The key highlights of TUI change flight policy are as follows:

  • If the price of your new flight ticket is higher, you will have to pay the fare difference in addition to the change fee. If the price of your new ticket is lower, there will be no refund. However, the change fee will remain the same.
  • If a significant schedule change occurs to your flight and the alternative flight offered to you by TUI is not acceptable to you or cannot be arranged, you can ask for a refund.
  • Unless stated otherwise by the Convention or applicable laws such as EU Regulation 261/2004, in the event of flight cancellation, significant schedule change, failure to stop at your destination, or route discontinuation, you will be:
  • Booked on the next available flight to your destination at no extra charge, with possible extension of your ticket’s validity if required, or 
  • Rerouted to your destination at no additional cost with TUI, another carrier, or by other agreed means, in the same class of travel (if the new ticket is cheaper, the balance will be refunded), or 
  • Fully refunded your ticket price, or
  • Offered a return flight to your original departure point at the earliest opportunity
  • TUI will make exceptions will be made in special circumstances such as bereavement:
    • If a passenger passes away during their journey, the tickets of any accompanying travelers may be modified to accommodate a new departure time.
    • In case a passenger’s immediate family member passes away after the passenger’s journey has commenced, the tickets of the passenger and the immediate family members traveling with them can be adjusted accordingly.

TUI Flight Change Fee

The flight change fees for changing the date, time, airport, or duration are as follows:

  • More than 28 days before departure 70% of the original ticket price
  • Between 28 to 15 days before departure 90% of the original ticket price
  • Within 14 days of departure Full fare (100%)

How to Change Flight Date with TUI?

If your reservation includes a package holiday booked through TUI’s website, the TUI/First Choice app, or flights operated by TUI Airways, you can change the flight date of your booking online via Manage My Booking

You will need to call 0203 451 2688 and connect with a Travel Expert to make changes to: 

  • Flight-only or accommodation-only bookings
  • Bookings made in a TUI Store
  • Bookings that include added extras like insurance, parking, or airport hotels
  • Bookings for holidays featuring flights by airlines other than TUI Airways 
  • Flight bookings with a different airline other than TUI

To add extras to your non-TUI flight booking, you’ll need to use the Manage My Booking feature on the concerned airline’s website. 

Frequently Asked Questions about TUI Flight Change Policy

Navigating through the intricacies of travel plans can often lead to questions, especially when unexpected changes are on the horizon. The “FAQ about the TUI Change Flight Policy” serves as a vital resource for travelers seeking clarity and guidance on how to adapt their itineraries with TUI, ensuring a smooth transition to their new plans. Whether it’s due to personal reasons or unforeseen circumstances, understanding this policy can significantly alleviate the stress of modifying travel arrangements.

How do I change my return flight when I’m on holiday?

You’ll need to contact TUI for flight availability and cost. You can send a text message to 80247 or use the online form to seek assistance.

How do I make changes to a non-TUI airline booking?

To make changes to a flight booking with another airline, you’ll have to contact the third-party airline directly through its Manage My Booking feature or phone. 

How do I know which airline I’m flying with?

The name of the airline you’ll be flying with will be listed on the flight details page when you’re booking your ticket. It will also be displayed in your confirmation email under Your Flights.

After you’ve booked your ticket, you will find the airline’s name, booking reference, and website address on the Manage My Booking page below your flight details.

What happens if the new flight I choose is more expensive than my original booking?

If your new flight ticket is priced higher than the original, you’ll need to pay the fare difference in addition to any applicable change fees.

What if TUI changes my flight schedule and the alternatives don’t suit me?

If TUI makes a significant change to your flight’s schedule and the alternatives offered aren’t acceptable or can’t be arranged, you’re entitled to request a refund.

What are my options if TUI cancels my flight or there’s a significant schedule change?

TUI offers several options in such cases, including rebooking you on the next available flight at no extra charge, rerouting you to your destination at no additional cost, refunding your ticket price, or providing a return flight to your original departure point.

What if I need to change my flight due to a bereavement?

TUI makes exceptions for bereavement; if a passenger or their immediate family member passes away, TUI allows for ticket modifications to accommodate new departure times.

How much are the change fees for altering my flight details with TUI?

Change fees vary but are quite hefty: more than 28 days before departure, it’s 70% of the original ticket price; between 28 to 15 days before, it’s 90%; and within 14 days of departure, the full fare (100%) is charged.

How can I change my flight date if I booked a package holiday with TUI?

For package holidays booked through website or app, or flights with airline, changes can be made via the Manage My Booking feature.

What should I do to change flight-only or accommodation-only bookings, or if I have added extras to my booking?

For such types of bookings or added extras, you should call 0203 451 2688 to speak with a Travel Expert for assistance.

How do I handle changes if my booking includes a flight with an airline other than TUI Airways?

To make changes to bookings involving other airlines, you should call TUI at 0203 451 2688. To add extras, use the Manage My Booking feature on that airline’s website.

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