Spirit Airlines, Inc., better known as Spirit (NK), is an American low-cost airline based out of Miramar, Florida. This 3-Star airline’s main operating bases include Atlantic City, Dallas, Orlando, Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, and Detroit. 

Spirit ranks among the largest 10 commercial airlines in North America, with more than 159 aircraft in its fleet. Passengers can make Spirit Airlines reservations to 77-plus cities in the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America.Spirit won the Low-Cost Airlineof the Year award at the CAPA (Centre for Aviation) World Aviation Summit in 2019. It was also rated as America’s Most On-time Low-Cost Airline in 2019 by OPS Awards.

Spirit Airlines Reservations—Options

Spirit Airlines reservations can be made via:

  1. Spirit.com 
  2. Phone 
  3. Mobile app 
  4. Spirit Airlines sales office 
  5. Third party agents

Spirit Airlines Reservations and Online Flight Booking

Spirit Airlines reservations can be made online via the official website as explained below. 

  1. Go to Spirit.com

A booking box will appear on your screen. 

  1. Enter your trip requirements in the boxes 
  2. Hit Search Flights 
  3. Go through the prompts to:
    1. Choose your flight
    2. Select your bundle
    3. Provide passenger information
    4. Select your bags
    5. Choose your seat and other options 
    6. Finalize and pay

Your e-ticket will be automatically delivered to your email after your payment is received. 

Spirit Airlines Phone Booking 

If you’re not comfortable making online reservations, you can make phone reservations by calling the Spirit Airlines Reservations phone number +1-866-399-0587. Just call this 24/7 toll-free number (in the U.S. and Canada), provide your trip details, choose a fare option you like, and complete your booking within minutes. 

Spirit Airlines Mobile App Reservations 

You can your Spirit Airlines reservation with the mobile app just as conveniently. All you need to do is download the app (Android or iOS), open a free account with Spirit, and get started.

Spirit Airlines Group Reservations

If you want to make a group reservation directly through Spirit Airlines, you must have at least 10 passengers in your booking.

How to Make Group Reservations on Spirit Airlines 

To make online group reservations, visit this page on Spirit Airlines’ website, select the Group Reservation option as shown in the screenshot below, and submit a group reservation request for 10 or more passengers. Don’t forget to select the number of passengers from the dropdown under Number of Guests.

The other option for making group reservations is to call the Spirit Airlines reservation number. This number offers attractive group discounts, even if you have fewer than 10 passengers in your group.

10 Ways to Save Money on Spirit Airlines Reservations 

Below are 10 tried and tested ways to save money when travelling on Spirit Airlines:

  1. Buy your ticket at the airport – Booking your ticket online will cost you extra, because you’ll be charged a Passenger Usage Fee (generally USD 22.99 per passenger per way). Booking by phone will also cost extra. To avoid paying any such fee, book your ticket at the airport. 
  1. Check-in online – Checking in online will save you USD 10 if you check in at the airport counter and USD 2 at a self-service kiosk. Online check-ins are completely free. 
  1. Travel light – Spirit Airlines charges for carry-on and checked bags on Bare Fares (cheapest). However, you’re allowed to carry one personal item such as a purse or a laptop bag as long as it does not exceed 45cm x 35cm x 20cm (18in x 14in x 8in) in size.
  1. Purchase your baggage at the time of booking – Don’t wait to pay for your bags at the airport—it’s the costliest there. The best time to purchase your baggage is at the time of booking. 
  1. Book your ticket well in advance – The earlier you book your ticket, the cheaper it’s likely to be. 
  1. Avoid seat selection – Seat selection is not included in your fare. Choosing a seat will cost you extra, so let Spirit assign you a random seat. If you’re travelling with family and want to be seated together, you can view the seat prices for your flight online on the Seat page if you’re booking online, or on the My Trips or the Check-in page within 24 hours of departure.
  1. Bring your own food and drink – Spirit charges for in-flight food, drinks, and snacks. If you’re strictly on a budget, bring your own food and drinks on board.
  1. Join the Spirit Saver$ Club – To get discounted fares and save up to 50% on your baggage fees, join the Spirit Saver$ Club. 
  2. Sign up for Spirit’s emails – To receive deals and discounts in your inbox, subscribe to Spirit’s emails
  3. Apply for the Spirit Mastercard – The Spirit Mastercard will earn 2x miles on everyday purchases and make your future travels on Spirit cheaper.

Spirit Airlines Flight Status

How to check flight status on Spirit Airlines
You can check your Spirit Airlines flight status by phone (call the Spirit Airlines airport office), online, or with the mobile app.

To check the status of your Spirit Airlines flight online, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Spirit.com 

The flight booking box will appear on your screen 

  1. From the top pane, select Flight Status 
  2. On the next screen, select one of the options:
    1. Check By Destination or
      Check By Flight Number
  3. Enter the required details
  4. Click on the Check Status button 

The status of your Spirit Airlines flight will appear (incl. all the other flights scheduled for that day).
You can also use the mobile app to check the Spirit Airlines flight status.

How to Get Senior Discounts on Spirit Airlines 

Being a low-cost airline, Spirit does not offer senior discounts. However, if you’re a senior citizen looking for a special discount, call this Spirit Airlines Reservations number and ask for a special deal:

Spirit Airlines Manage Booking—My Trips

How do I manage my booking on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines manage booking feature, known as My Trips, is a useful online functionality that allows you to:

  • View your reservations 
  • Change your flight booking
  • Cancel your flight booking
  • Rebook your flight
  • Request a refund 
  • Print or download your boarding pass
  • Purchase a seat assignment 
  • Change, or upgrade your seat 
  • Pay for baggage 
  • Add other extras 

To manage your Spirit Airlines bookings: 

  1. Go to Spirit.com 
  2. From the top right, select My Trips
  3. On the next screen, enter your last name, confirmation code, and Continue
  4. Go through the prompts to:
    1. View your Spirit Airlines reservations 
    2. Change or cancel your flight booking
    3. Rebook your flight
    4. Request a refund 
    5. Print or download your boarding pass
    6. Purchase a seat assignment 
    7. Change, or upgrade your seat 
    8. Pay for baggage 
    9. Add other extras 

You can also manage your Spirit Airlines booking with the mobile app.

Spirit Airlines Reservations Phone Numbers 

What is the Spirit Airlines reservation number?

You can contact Spirit Airlines Reservations by phone, SMS, WhatsApp, or Email.

  • Instant Reservations (U.S./Canada) (Toll-free, open 24/7)
  • General Sales and Services (U.S./Canada) (Toll-free, open 24/7)
  • Group Reservations (Toll-free, open 24/7)
  • WhatsApp +1-801-401-2222 (Message ‘Hello’)

Spirit Airlines Reservations Phone Numbers in The Caribbean, Central and South America

The Caribbean

  • Dominican Republic Phone: 809.621.7777

WhatsApp: 829.317.2222/829.606.8888

  • Punta Cana Phone: 809.959.0459

WhatsApp: 829.317.2222/829.606.8888

  • Santiago De Los Caballeros Phone: 809.621.7777

WhatsApp: 829.317.2222/829.606.8888


  • Haiti Phone: 011-509-2940-4422

Central America

  • Guatemala Phone: 502-2292-0828/502-2368-1695

email: Spiritairlines@nvstouroperator.com

WhatsApp Only: 31864865

  • Quetzaltenango (Xela) Phone: 77254500/5780 8259

email: Spiritxela@nvstouroperator.com

Whatsapp Only: 31349123

  • Honduras WhatsApp:  (504) 9452-0238

WhatsApp:  (504) 9452-0239

Email: spirit@mayatempletours.com

  • El Salvador Phone: +503 2534-8228

Whatsapp: +503 7166-9738

Email: reservas@spiritsal.com

  • Nicaragua Phone: 505-227-81149
  • Costa Rica Phone: +506 4032-9449

Whatsapp: +506 7201-9465

Email: reservas@spiritcostarica.com

South America

  • Colombia Phone: 57 4485158/57 2505152

Email: spirit@turismopolaris.com  

  • Armenia Phone Number: 57 – 6749 – 7244

E-Mail: spirit@travelytravel.com

WhatsApp: +57-310-452-2527

  • Cali Phone: (57-2)888-2353/315 710 1521

Email: Spirit@oliveriotours.com

  • Cartagena Phone: 55-6741359

e-mail: eddaconeo@gematours.com


  • Barranquilla Phone: + 57 5 3093238

WhatsApp: + 57 300 843 8569

Email: spirit@jirehtravel.com.co

  • Bogota Phone: 571 +241 4000

Phone (Cellular): 3183644210

e-mail: spirit@agunsa.com.co

  • Ecuador Phone: 593 4 371-0897

e-mail: spirit@marglobal.com

  • Peru Phone/WhatsApp: +51932132847 +51946288073

e-mail: spiritperu@agunsa.com 

Spirit Airlines Seat Options

Being an ultra-low-cost airline, Spirit does not provide specific cabin categories for passengers—but offers 2 major seating options to choose from—Big Front Seats (premium seats) and Deluxe Leather Seats (standard economy seats). 

Unless you specify, Spirit will assign you a seat randomly at check-in for free. As this can mean sitting away from your family or friends, you have the option to make a seat reservation starting from USD 5, depending on your route and seat type and location.

Big Front Seats

Spirit’s premium seats are known as Big Front seats 

Photograph of Spirit’s Big Front seats

Big Front Seats are located in the front section of the aircraft and are more spacious and comfortable than standard seats. 

A Big Front seat can cost anywhere from USD 12 to USD 150 per seat depending on your route, provided you book in advance. However, if you want to upgrade later, it can cost from USD 25 to USD 175, depending on your route. 

About Big Front Seats 

  • Front section location
  • More space
    • Seat pitch 36in
    • Seat width
      • A319, A321, A32B  22in
      • A320, 32A 22.8in
    • Additional legroom ~6in
  • More width than standard seats 
  • No middle seats
  • Tray table facility 

Deluxe Leather Seats

Spirit’s standard economy seats are known as Deluxe Leather seats

Spirit’s Deluxe Leather seats do not include a reclining feature and have less legroom and width than Big Front seats. They can cost anywhere from USD 1 to USD 50, depending on your route.

About Deluxe Leather Seats 
  • Seat pitch 28in
  • Seat width
  • A319 Widest: 17in, Narrowest: 15.5in
  • A320, 32A, 32W Widest: 16in, Narrowest: 15.5in 
  • A321, 32B Widest: 17in, Narrowest: 15.5in

Spirit Airlines Bundles 

Spirit Airlines offers 2 types of upgrades Bundle It and Boost It. They include a bunch of add-ons that would cost more if purchased individually. You will see these options on the Bundles page after you select your flight if they’re available on your route

The Book It option is normally available by default—it includes a random seat assignment and 1 personal carry-on item, which means any bags, seat assignments, and extras must be purchased separately.

Spirit Airlines Bundle It Combo

What is the Bundle It Combo?

Spirit Airlines’ Bundle It combo, earlier known as the Thrills combo, is available on select routes and includes the following add-ons that would cost more if purchased individually: 

  • Additional 10lb checked baggage allowance
    (i.e., up to 50lb)
  • 1 carry-on bag
  • Seat selection—incl. Exit Row, if eligible 
  • Shortcut boarding 
  • Flight Flex* option
    (make a free flight modification up to 24 hours before departure)

* If you purchase within 24 hours of departure, Flight Flex will not be included in the Bundle It combo.

How to buy the Bundle It combo?

The Bundle It combo is available on select routes at the time of booking. If you’re booking online, the Bundle It popup will show up on your screen after you select your flight. 

What seats are included in the Bundle It combo?

You can select from all the available seats as part of the Bundle It combo, except the Big Front Seat. However, if you want to purchase a Big Front seat, you’ll have to pay the difference in cost (it’ll appear on the seat map) and make the selection right away. 

Can Saver$ Club members buy a Bundle It combo?

Yes, you can.

Can I add a Bundle It combo if I’ve already purchased my flight?

No, the Bundle It can only be purchased at the time of booking via Spirit.com.

Why can’t I see the Bundle It combo for my trip?

You can only see the Bundle It if it’s being offered on your flight route.

Spirit Airlines Boost It Combo

Spirit Airlines’ Boost It Combo is a lighter form of the Bundle It combo. Available on select routes, it includes the following add-ons at discounted prices:

  • Additional 10lb of checked baggage allowance
    (i.e., up to 50lb)
  • Seat selection—incl. Exit Row, if eligible 
  • Shortcut boarding 

Spirit Airlines Flight Flex

What is Flight Flex and what can I do with it?

The Flight Flex option is available on the Extras page if you’re booking online at Spirit.com. Adding Flight Flex to your booking allows you to modify your itinerary free of charge once—provided you do it online and at least 24 hours before your flight’s departure. 

However, you will be required to pay the difference in airfare and taxes (if any), as well as any additional services you book. 


  • Flight Flex can be purchased online and through select travel agents.
  • You must purchase Flight Flex for all passengers on your reservation.
  • Flight Flex cannot be purchased for an existing reservation.
  • You can make only 1 modification free of charge with Flight Flex.
  • You can modify the date, time, and/or origin/destination of the flight. 
  • You must make all modifications online at least 24 hours before departure. 
  • If you modify within 24 hours of departure, the standard modification charges will apply. 
  • You must know in advance what modifications you want to make to your itinerary at the time of making the changes. 

Flight Flex is not available on all routes.

Spirit Airlines Seating Policy

Spirit Airlines seating policy, in a nutshell, is as follows:

  • Advance seat assignments can be purchased for an additional fee. 
  • Seat reservations can be made at the time of booking and check-in.
  • Seat reservations at the time of check-in open 24 hours before departure.
  • Passengers who do not make advance seat reservations will be assigned a seat at random when check-in starts. 

Spirit Airlines Seat Choices

Big Front Seats are shown in black boxes on a Spirit Airlines A319 aircraft

Spirit Airlines offers the following seat choices: 

  • Big Front Seat
    • Premium seats
    • Additional width and legroom
    • No middle seat
    • Cost USD 12–150 per seat if booked in advance
    • Cost USD 25–175 when upgraded 
  • Deluxe Leather
    • Standard Economy seats
    • Cost USD 1–50 if booked in advance 
  • Non-Window Seats
  • Exit Seats 
  • Priority Seats
  • Exit Row Seats 

Spirit Airlines Seat Reservation

You can make a seat reservation:

  • At the time of booking
    • Online via Spirit Airlines’ official website
    • Via the mobile app
    • Through a Spirit Airlines ticket office
    • By phone
      (refer to the section titled Spirit Airlines Reservations Phone Numbers)
    • From select travel agencies 
  • After booking
    • Online via the ‘My Trips’ option 
    • Via the mobile app
    • Through a Spirit Airlines ticket office
    • By phone
      (refer to the section titled Spirit Airlines Reservations Phone Numbers)
    • From select travel agencies 
  • At the time of checking in (starts 24 hours before departure)
    • Online via Spirit Airlines’ official website
    • Via the mobile app 
    • Physically at the airport (limited choice)

Reservation Credit at Spirit Airlines

When you cancel a flight booking on Spirit, a 6-digit confirmation code—known as Spirit Airlines Reservation Credit—is sent to you by email. This credit can be used for purchasing tickets, seats, and bags. You can also use it to purchase a vacation package, pay taxes, fees, etc. To redeem a Reservation Credit, you must either call Spirit by phone or do it online (but not through the mobile app).

Redeeming Spirit Airlines Reservation Credits

To redeem a Spirit Airlines Reservation Credit by phone, call or purchase your ticket online through Spirit.com.

For step-by-step instructions on how to redeem a Reservation Credit and book a new flight, check out the Spirit Airlines Reservation Credit sections on this page.

Spirit Airlines Inflight Amenities 

Being a low-cost airline, Spirit Airlines does not provide any onboard entertainment, video streaming, or Wi-Fi. Refreshments such as snacks and beverages are available on a paid basis only. 

Spirit Airlines Frequent Flyer Program—FREE SPIRIT

A banner view of Free Spirit, Spirit Airlines’ frequent flier program

Known as Free Spirit, Spirit Airlines’ frequent flyer program is free to join—and comes with one of the lowest redemption levels in the industry.  

Free Spirit offers 2 membership levels—Silver and Gold. It also has a separate program called Spirit Saver$ Club, formerly $9 Fare Club. Elite status can be obtained via dollar spends with Spirit, including qualifying purchases made with the Free Spirit World Elite card or the Free Spirit card.

After you enroll for the Free Spirit frequent flier program, you will be able to: 

  • Earn miles whenever you fly with Spirit and partner airlines 
  • Book flights with Spirit and partner airlines 
  • Redeem your air miles and use them for extra travel
  • Earn Free Spirit points on everyday purchases, incl. car rentals and hotels
  • Earn hotel and dining offers
  • Earn your redemption points faster due to one of the lowest redemption levels in the industry

Spirit Airlines Reservations Phone Number

Below are a few important Spirit Airlines phone numbers. 

Spirit Airlines Reservations Phone Number +1-866-399-0587 (toll-free, open 24/7)

Guest Service +1-855-SAVE-555 (+1-855-728-3555) (toll-free)

48763 (SMS, 24/7)

801-401-2222 (WhatsApp, 24/7)

Assistance (hearing impaired) 711 (for TTY/TTD)

Spirit Airlines (Vacations) +1-954-698-0125
(Mon-Fri, 8:00 am — 10 pm (EST), incl. holidays

Spirit Airlines Travel Destinations

A Spirit Airlines booking lets you fly from 60+ destinations in the United States, including:

  • Atlanta (ATL)
  • New York (LGA)
  • Philadelphia (PHL)
  • Chicago (ORD)
  • Phoenix (PHX)
  • Los Angeles (LAX)
  • And many more

Spirit Airlines Consumer Rankings 

Recent consumer rankings for Spirit Airlines are as follows:

  • Bureau of Transportation Statistics (Performance)
    • Percent Flights Canceled (All flights, 2020) 2.19% 
    • Average Departure Delay (All flights, 2020) 3.86 minutes 
    • Average Arrival Delay (All flights, 2020) – 3.15 minutes
    • Average Departure Delay (Late flights, 2020) 57.57 minutes
  • Airline Quality Rating 8/10 (overall)
  • Skytrax Ranking 3-Star
  • Airline Review Rating—TripAdvisor 3/5 stars (of 22,128 reviews)
  • Customer Rating—Skytrax 3/10 (of 3,476 reviews)

Customer Rating—Kayak  5.6/10 (of 61,888 reviews)

Popular Low-Cost Destinations 

Some of the destinations you can fly on the cheap on a Spirit Airlines booking include: 

El Salvador
San Luis Talpa
Costa Rica
San José de Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo
Punta Cana
Panama City 
Sint Maarten
San Pedro Sula
Montego Bay
Cabo San Lucas
Guatemala City

Frequently Asked Questions on Spirit Airlines Reservations 

What is the Spirit Airlines Reservations phone number?

The Spirit Airlines Reservations phone number is .
This number is toll-free in the U.S/Canada, open 24/7—and offers discounted fares all year-round.

How do I make Spirit Airlines reservations online?

You can make your Spirit Airlines reservations online via Spirit.com. Just go to the homepage and enter your flight requirements in the boxes, search for available flights, follow the prompts to configure your trip, and pay. Your ticket will be automatically e-mailed to you after you’ve paid.

How can I check my Spirit Airlines flight status?

You can check your Spirit Airlines flight status by phone, online, or through the mobile app. To check online, select the Flight Status tab on the homepage and search for it either by destination or by flight number.

What can I do with the Spirit Airlines manage booking feature?

You can use Spirit Airlines manage booking feature (known as My Trips) to change/cancel/rebook your flight, request a refund, download your boarding pass, reserve/change/upgrade a seat, purchase baggage, and add extras.

Do I have to buy a ticket for a lap infant on Spirit Airlines?

Lap infants (7 days to under 2 years old) can travel free of charge on Spirit Airlines as long as they’re held on the lap of an accompanying passenger who is at least 15 years old.

Does Spirit Airlines allow pets?

Spirit Airlines allows pets only on domestic flights—as well as on flights between the United States and St. Thomas and Puerto Rico (plus the U.S. Virgin Islands). Passengers are allowed to travel with small domesticated pets—such as dogs, cats, rabbits, and household birds—in the passenger cabin. However, rabbits and household birds are not accepted on flights from/to the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, and Puerto Rico.
Spirit does not allow pets on international flights.

How is Spirit as an airline? 

Spirit Airlines is an ultra-low-cost, Skytrax-certified 3-Star Airline. In 2019, it won the Low-Cost Airline of the Year award at the CAPA (Centre for Aviation) World Aviation Summit. It was also ranked America’s Most On-time Low-Cost Airline (OPS Awards).

What should I do to print my e-boarding pass?

After downloading a soft copy of your boarding pass, simply print it at home and bring it with you to the airport.

What are Spirit Airlines’ reservations phone numbers?

Below are Spirit Airlines’ reservations phone numbers in the United States (toll-free, open 24/7).

● Instant Reservations (U.S./Canada)  
● General Sales and Services (U.S./Canada)  
●Group Reservations

WhatsApp +1-801-401-2222 Message ‘Hello’

How do I locate my Spirit Airlines confirmation code?

If you booked your ticket directly from Spirit Airlines, you will find your confirmation code (such as W5JLTR) on your ticket, in your ticket confirmation email, or by logging into your Spirit Airlines account (if you have one). 

What discounts does Spirit Airlines offer for lap infants?

Lap infants below 24 months can travel free of charge if they are travelling on the lap of a passenger who is at least 15 years old.

 I’m looking for Spirit Airlines promo flights to book cheap tickets. Whom do I contact?

If you’re looking for Spirit Airlines promo flights to book cheap flight tickets, you should call this number: .

I’ve already booked my ticket on Spirit—can I make a seat reservation now?

Yes, you can make a seat reservation even after booking your ticket. You can do it by phone or online through the My Trips page. You can also do it within 24 hours of departure through the Check-in page when online check-in starts.

How do I make a group booking on Spirit Airlines?

You can make a group booking on Spirit Airlines by calling or online by visiting this page on Spirit Airlines’ website. However, if you’re booking online, you must have at least 10 passengers in your booking.

Can I change or cancel my Spirit Airlines reservation?

Yes, you can cancel your Spirit Airlines reservation by phone (), through your travel agent, online (through the ‘My Trips’ tab, or through the mobile app.

Do I have to purchase a seat assignment on Spirit Airlines?

No, you don’t. If you don’t really care where you sit, you will be randomly assigned a seat at check-in at no charge. But there’s no guarantee that you’ll get to sit with your family or friends. 
You can prevent this by purchasing a seat assignment so that you can choose where you sit. Seat assignments typically start from USD 5 and vary based on location and route. 
You can pay a little more for a Big Front Seat, which is wider, has up to 32% more legroom, and does not have a middle seat. You can view the seat prices for your flight on the ‘Seats’ page when you’re booking online (via ‘My Trips’), or when you’re checking in online (within 24 hours of your flight’s scheduled departure). 

Can I print my Spirit Airlines boarding pass at the airport?

Yes, you can print your Spirit Airlines boarding pass at the self-service kiosk or airport counter. However, this can cost you USD 10 per boarding pass, so if you want to save money, print your boarding pass at home. 

Is it possible to change my name on my Spirit Airlines reservation?

Yes, if your name has been misspelled by a few characters, Spirit Airlines will allow you to fix the error free of charge. To change your name, contact Spirit Airlines.
If you want to change your legal name, you will need to provide supporting documents and the reason for changing your name. The supporting documents can include a marriage license, court order, divorce decree, etc. This can be done online or by contacting Spirit Airlines by phone.

Can I travel with my wheelchair or mobility aid on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, Spirit Airlines allows passengers to travel with wheelchairs and mobility aids free of charge (if applicable). If you’re travelling with a battery-operated wheelchair or mobility aid, you must reach a little early to ensure your device is properly handled. You may, however, be asked to carry detachable items such as seat cushions and footrests onboard. If this can’t be done, the detachable items will be stowed in the cargo hold.
To ensure everything goes smoothly, you should:

● Carry the user manual on how to handle your mobility device.

Can I book a flight with multiple segments?

Yes, you can book a flight with multiple segments by phone (), online, at the ticket counter, by text message (48763), or WhatsApp (855-728-3555) on a 24/7 basis.

How can I add a seat to my Spirit reservation?

To add a seat to your Spirit Airlines reservation, go to My Trips on the homepage, enter your required information to access your flight reservation, and click on the Add or Modify Seats and complete the form. Remember, if you’re adding a seat within 24 hours of departure (up to 90 minutes before departure), you must add a seat through the Check-in page. 

What are boarding zones on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit has the following 4 boarding zones:

Zone 1—for passengers who have purchased a carry-on bag
Zone 2—for passengers who purchased Shortcut Boarding (USD 5.99-plus per way), VIP/Elite status members, and Spirt Airlines World Mastercard holders. 

Zones 3 and 4—Remaining passengers based on seat assignments

Can you tell me about Spirit Airlines’ credit card?

Spirit Airlines’ cobranded credit card (Spirit Airlines World Mastercard) is free to join the first year, followed by an annual fee of USD 59 thereafter. You can use this card to keep your points active and prevent them from expiring if there’s no activity in your Free Spirit account for 3 months. 
The credit card offers the following benefits:

● No blackout dates on award flights. 
● Low flight redemption levels for trips. 
● Zone 2 boarding. 
● Priority check-in on domestic routes. 

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