WestJet Airlines (WS) is a Canadian airline based in Calgary, Alberta. Its major hubs include Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Toronto-Pearson.

WestJet is Canada’s second-largest airline after Air Canada, and one of the top 10 airlines in North America by passengers carried (fleet size: 167 aircraft). A WestJet Airlines booking can take you to 100-plus destinations across Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe.

WestJet’s travel classes include Economy, Premium, and Business

WestJet has been certified as a 3-Star Airlines by Skytrax. It was recognized as the Best Airline in Canada for 3 years (2017 ‚Äď 19) by TripAdvisor. In 2022, Brand France Finance named it the strongest airline brand in the world; airlinesratings.com named it among the top 10 safest low-cost airlines, and BrandSpark named it Canada‚Äôs Most Trusted Airline for Domestic Travel.

WestJet’s direct subsidiaries include WestJet Encore and WestJet Link.

How to Book a Flight on WestJet Airlines

You can book a flight on WestJet Airlines:

  1. By phone
  2. Online via WestJet.com
  3. With the mobile app
  4. At a sales office 
  5. Through your travel agent 

How to Book a Flight Online on WestJet Airlines

To book a flight online on WestJet Airlines, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to WestJet.com
    The Flights (Book a flight) page will open by default (as shown above)
  2. Enter your trip requirements 
  3. Click on the Get Flights button 
  4. Select your flight from the options presented 
  5. Choose your travel class
  6. Add your details and contact information
    (click on the Accessibility request box and select the accessibility service you’ll be requiring)
  7. Click on the Continue to Seat Selection button and select a seat from the seat map (optional)
  8. Select Extras (if required)
  9. Click on the Continue to Payment button 
  10. Follow the prompts to enter your payment details and pay

You will receive your e-ticket at the email address registered by you.

How to Check WestJet Airlines Flight Status

You can check the flight status of your WestJet flight by phone or online via the airline‚Äôs website or mobile app. If you‚Äôre checking the flight status by phone, call the WestJet Airlines office in your city. 

You can check your flight status online by flight number or airport. 

To check the flight status online, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to WestJet.com
  2. Click on the Flight status tab on top
    The following page will appear on your screen:
  1. To search by:
    1. Flight Number, enter your WS Flight Number and click on the Search Flights button
    2. Airport, choose the airport by Arrivals or Departures and click on the Browse button

Your flight status will show up on the screen.

WestJet Airlines Manage Booking

You can manage your flight bookings by phone or by calling the airline‚Äôs office in your city/country. You can also do it online through the airline‚Äôs website or mobile app from the Manage trips tab. 

The Manage trips tab allows you to perform all these tasks yourself through the website:

  1. Manage your flights
    i.e., change or cancel your flight and more
  2. Upgrade your seat
  3. Email your itinerary to yourself
  4. View/download your receipts
  5. Purchase excess baggage 
  6. Manage your vacation packages
    i.e., retrieve your vacations e-Ticket and select your seat 
  7. Get travel-ready
    i.e., get useful information on how to prepare for your journey

How to Manage Booking Online on WestJet Airlines

To manage your bookings online, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to WestJet.com
  2. Click on Manage trips
    The following dropdown box will show up on your screen
  3. Click on: 
  1. Manage flights to change or cancel your flight (and more)
  2. Upgrade your seat to upgrade your seat
  3. Email itinerary to email your travel itinerary to yourself
  4. Receipts to view or download your receipts
  5. Baggage and service fees to purchase excess baggage 
  6. Manage your vacation packages to retrieve your vacation e-Ticket(s)
    and select your seat 
  7. Get travel-ready to get useful information on how to prepare for your journey 

WestJet Airlines Group Bookings

You can make group bookings online or by phone. To make online group bookings, there must be at least 10 passengers travelling together in your group. You can make group bookings by phone (for less than 10 passengers). Alternatively, you can contact the WS office in your city or call your travel agent to make a group booking.

WestJet Airlines Booking Numbers

WestJet Airlines ticket booking numbers 

  • Africa
    • South Africa: 800-5381-5696; WestJet flights: 1-888-937-8538
  • Asia
    • Thailand 800-5381-5696
    • Taiwan 800-5381-5696
    • Singapore 800-5381-5696
    • Philippines 800-5381-5696
    • Malaysia 800-5381-5696
    • Macao 800-5381-5696
    • Republic of Korea 800-5381-5696
    • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea 800-5381-5696
    • Japan 800-5381-5696
    • Israel 800-5381-5696
    • Hong Kong 800-5381-5696
    • China 800-5381-5696
  • Australia (Oceania)
    • Australia 0011-800-5381-5696
    • New Zealand 00-800-5381-5696
  • Europe
    • United Kingdom 0-800-279-7072
    • Switzerland 800-5381-5696
    • Sweden 800-5381-5696
    • Spain 00-800-5381-5696
    • Portugal 800-5381-5696
    • Norway 800-5381-5696
    • Netherlands 00-800-5381-5696
    • Luxembourg 800-5381-5696
    • Italy 00-800-5381-5696
    • Ireland 1-800-937-323
    • Iceland 00-800-5381-5696
    • Hungary 00-800-5381-5696
    • Germany 00-800-5381-5696
    • France 00-800-5381-5696
    • Finland 800-5381-5696
    • Denmark 00-800-5381-5696
    • Belgium 800-5381-5696
    • Austria 800-5381-5696
  • North America
    • Turks and Caicos 1-866-887-1588
    • Trinidad and Tobago 0018662086924
    • Saint Lucia 1-800 204-0409
    • Puerto Rico 1-866-886-2388
    • Mexico 001-855-269-2979
    • Jamaica 1-800-288-1029
    • Grand Cayman 1-800-204-0081
    • Dominican Republic 1-800-148-5344
    • Costa Rica 800-5381-5696
    • Canada 1-888-937-8538
    • Bermuda 1-800-204-0020
    • Barbados 1-800-204-5647
    • Bahamas 1-866-884-9188
    • Antigua and Barbuda 1-888-937-8538
  • South America
    • Argentina 800-5381-5696
    • Colombia 800-5381-5696

Booking Classes on WestJet Airlines

WestJet Airlines offers the following travel classes:

  1. Economy Class
  2. Premium Class
  3. Business Class

Economy Class

Major features 

  • Long-haul international flights
    • Aircraft Boeing 787 Dreamliner
    • Seat pitch 31in 
    • Seat width 17in
    • Seat alignment 3 x 3 x 3 
    • Self-dimming windows
    • Pillow and blanket on all seats
  • Domestic/International/U.S. flights
    • Short-haul domestic flights
      • Aircraft Bombardier Q400
      • Seat configuration 2 x 2 configuration 
    • International/U.S. flights
      • Boeing 787 Dreamliner 3 x 3 x 3 seat configuration 
      • Boeing 737 Max 3 x 3 x 3 seat configuration
      • Boeing 737 3 x 3 x 3 configuration

Premium Class

Major features 

  • Priority baggage, check-in, security, and boarding
  • Boeing 787 Dreamliner
    • 2 x 3 x 2 seat configuration
    • Separate private cabin
  • Boeing 737
    • 2 x 2 seat configuration
    • Sky dividers for separate cabin 
    • Wider leather seats 

Business Class

Major features 

  • Priority baggage, check-in, security, and boarding
  • Private pods with lie-flat seats, direct aisle access
  • Fully extendable privacy screens 
  • Extra work/relax space (46in seat pitch and 22in seat width) 
  • 4-way lumbar support
  • Personal stowage space
  • Blankets and pillows
  • Exclusive amenity kit 

WestJet Airlines Seat Booking

You can select your seat at the time of booking your flight, or any time up to 24 hours before departure. You can do this online via the website when booking your flight or via Manage Trips if you didn‚Äôt choose your seat at the time of booking, or by phone. Depending on your fare conditions, you may have to pay a seat selection fee. 

If you do not reserve your seat in advance, you will be assigned one free of charge when you check in.

Basic FareEcono FareEconoFlex FarePremium/Business Fare
Standard SeatChargeableDiscounted for a Basic fareIncludedNA
Preferred SeatChargeableDiscounted for a Basic fareDiscounted for Econo/Basic faresNA
Exit Row SeatChargeableDiscounted for a Basic fareDiscounted for Econo/Basic faresNA
Premium/Business Seat‚ÄĒ‚ÄĒ‚ÄĒ‚ÄĒ

Additional Legroom Seating

If you want more space when selecting your seat, look for the color-coded seat options on the seat map at the time of booking your seat or managing your trip via Manage Trips.

  • Preferred seats offer extra legroom. They are located up front in the Economy Cabin and allow you to exit the aircraft more quickly at your destination. 
  • Exit row seats also offer extra legroom but are subject to restrictions‚ÄĒsuch as being 16 years or older, ability to speak English or French, being able-bodied to operate the emergency exit during an emergency, etc. They board earlier and allow you to access the overhead bin space before others.

Family Seating

If you‚Äôre travelling with your family on the same reservation, WestJet will seat you together. 

  • When booking online, enter the date of birth of all under-14 passengers and select your seats from the seat map at no additional charge. 
  • When booking by phone, provide the birth details of all under-14 passengers and indicate your seat preference to the booking agent at no additional charge. 

Premium/Business Cabin Seats

You can choose Premium, PremiumFlex, Business, or BusinessFlex seats at the time of booking or later (online or by phone). 

WestJet Airlines In-flight Entertainment

WestJet’s inflight entertainment offering is known as WestJet Connect. You can download the WestJet app to your laptop or mobile device or laptop to stream 100s of hours of free content. WestJet Connect offers:

  • Movies
  • TV shows
  • Music
  • Internet
  • Calm (a collection of relaxations, meditations, and Sleep Stories)
  • In-seat power

WestJet’s Dreamliner 787 aircraft offers:

  • Seatback monitors with large touchscreens 
  • 100s of hours of movies and TV shows 
  • Video handset (only on Business Class)
  • Handset (only on Premium Class)
  • Paid internet access 
  • Games
  • 10 music channels
  • AC power outlets and USB power 
  • Active noise-cancelling headphones (Business Class) 
  • Passive noise-cancelling headphones (Premium Class)
  • Earbuds on Economy Class transatlantic flights (available for purchase on other routes)
  • Games 

WestJet Airlines Loyalty Program‚ÄĒWestJet Rewards

WestJet’s frequent flyer program is known as Westjet Rewards. You can earn WestJet dollars for every dollar you spend on eligible flights, car rentals, and hotels that you book through WestJet. You can then spend your WestJet dollars to purchase flight tickets on WestJet and companion airlines, hotels, and rental cars if you book them directly through WestJet.

WestJet Rewards Tiers 
Qualifying spendUp to USD 2,999USD 3,000-4,999USD 5,000-7,999USD 8,000-more
WestJet Dollars Earning Rates
WestJet Flights0.5%3%5%8%
Vacations Packages0.5%1%1.5%2%
Hotels, car rentals, meal plans, attractions, transfers1%1%1%1%
Partner FlightsBased on mileage and travel classBased on mileage and travel class + 50%Based on mileage and travel class + 75%Based on mileage and travel class + 100%
Everyday purchases on WestJet RBC¬ģ¬†World Elite Mastercard1.5%1.5%1.5%1.5%
WestJet purchases on WestJet RBC¬ģ¬†World Elite Mastercard2%2%2%2%
Flight Benefits
Free checked bags223
Advance seat selection4 vouchers6 vouchersUnlimited
+ 6 guest vouchers
Lounge access4 vouchers
+ 2 guest vouchers
+ immediate family
+ 2 guest vouchers
+ immediate family
+ 2 guest vouchers
Boarding privilegesZone 2Priority/Zone 1Priority/Zone 1
Priority check-in‚úď‚úď‚úď
Priority baggage‚úď‚úď
Priority security‚úď‚úď
Priority support number‚úď‚úď
Same-day flight change fee exemption‚úď‚úď
Early access for upgrade¬†purchase‚úď‚úď
Complimentary upgrades before check-in:

‚ÄĘ Economy to Premium (excl. flights from/to Europe)

Eligible on
High priority

Eligible on
Highest priority

Eligible on EconoFlex and Econo
Complimentary upgrades at the gate:
‚ÄĘ Economy to Premium (excluding flights to/from Europe)
‚ÄĘ Premium to Business on flights within Canada only

Eligible on EconoFlex, PremiumFlex, and
High priority

Eligible on EconoFlex, PremiumFlex, and Premium
Highest priority

Eligible on EconoFlex, Econo, PremiumFlex, and Premium

Special Assistance for Passengers 

If you‚Äôre a special needs passenger planning to board a flight or if you have any questions: 

  • Send an email to disabilityassistance@westjet.com

Reservations. To book special assistance, call WestJet Airlines customer service number at least 48 hours before your flight‚Äôs departure. 

Assistance services provided by WestJet Airlines include:

  • Checking you in at the counter.
  • Moving you to the front of a line if you can‚Äôt use a self-service kiosk. 
  • Providing you with a waiting space near the staff as you wait to board if you‚Äôre not independently mobile, using a wheelchair, or transferring to another flight. 
  • Periodically inquiring about and attending to your needs.
  • Allowing a family member/friend to escort you to the departure gate by providing a gate pass, as long as he/she has a valid government-issued photo ID. 
  • Helping you proceed through security and to the boarding gate.
  • Assisting you in boarding and disembarking.
  • Allowing you to board the aircraft before other passengers if you require help with:
    • Boarding
    • Finding your cabin/seat 
    • Transferring from your mobility aid to your seat
    • Storing your carry-on baggage
    • Aircraft layout description, washrooms, exits, and seat controls. 
    • More time for cleaning your seating area to remove allergens, as long as you‚Äôre there when the pre-boarding call is announced. 
  • Providing a personal safety briefing and demonstration, plus any onboard announcements. 
  • Helping open food/beverage packages, describing the food and its location, etc. 
  • Helping with storing and retrieving your carry-on baggage.
  • Helping access in-flight entertainment.
  • Helping you with border clearance and checked baggage collection. 
  • Escort you upon disembarkation.

Special Assistance Tips

  • Deaf/partial hearing passengers 
    • Notify WestJet of your requirements at least 48 hours before departure.
    • Follow (preferably) these seating recommendations:
AircraftRecommended Seating
787Rows 15-23 and 28-38
Row 26 ABC/HJK is not allowed.
737-800 and 737-8Rows 7-11
737-700Rows 6-11
737-600Rows 6-9
Encore (DH-8)Rows 7-10
WestJet Link (Saab)Rows 4-5
  • Services provided include:
    • Personal safety briefing before departure.
    • Informing you of any information provided to other passengers‚ÄĒsuch as flight take-off/landing information, announcements, meal/beverage service, etc.
    • Help you to access inflight entertainment onboard.
  • Blind/partially sighted passengers
    • Notify WestJet of your requirements at least 48 hours before departure.
    • Do not select a seat if booking online‚ÄĒWestJet‚Äôs system will select an appropriate seat free of charge. 
    • The aircraft seating recommendation are as follows:
      • 737-800 and 737-8 Rows 6-11
      • 737-600 and 737-700 Rows 6-9
      • Encore (DH-8) Rows 5-8
      • WestJet Link (Saab) Rows 4-5
      • 787 Row 9 and 25-39 DEF

Row 26 ABC/HJK is not allowed.

  • Several aircraft have tactile row markers (in raised characters and/or Braille) located on aisle seats or the overhead bins. 
  • You will be allowed to board before other passengers. 
  • Services provided on the aircraft include:
    • A description of the aircraft‚Äôs layout, incl. washrooms, exits, and seat controls. 
    • A description of the meal and beverage offerings (upon request). 
    • Help with opening food and beverage packages, and describing the food and its location. 
    • Help with moving between the seat and the washroom. However, you must be able to handle your personal needs inside the washroom. If not, you must travel with a personal attendant. 
    • Personal safety briefing before departure (English/French). Briefing cards in Braille/large printed format can be made available on request.
  • Medical equipment/medications 
    • Most PEDs (portable medical devices) require approval because they contain batteries, which are classified as dangerous goods.
    • You must book at least 48 hours before departure by calling customer service number.
    • A partial list of common PEDs requiring security checks includes:
      • POCs (portable oxygen concentrators) 
      • CPAP machines 
      • Automatic external defibrillators (AED)
      • TENS machines
      • Ventilators
      • Syringes
      • Suction devices and aspirators
      • Neurostimulators
      • Nebulizers
      • Heart rate monitors
      • Feeding pumps
      • Blood sugar monitors
    • Medical devices must pass several checks, incl.:
      • Those in the country you are travelling from/to. For Canada, check the What Can I Bring? page.
        Note. No approval is required for pacemakers, watches, and hearing aids.
      • To know whether your medical device will be accepted, check the restricted items list. 
      • Your device must be within the carry-on baggage dimensions and weight and it must not obstruct access to the aisle, exits, or safety equipment. However, irregularly sized medical devices that exceed the carry-on baggage allowance may be accepted if they can be stored in an approved location. 
    • Restrictions
      • Your medical device must be properly labelled. 
      • Some medical devices cannot be used during critical phases such as taxiing, take-off, and landing. They must be safely stowed under your front seat or in the overhead bin. 
      • Some medical devices may be permitted for use at an altitude of 10,000 feet, which is typically 10 minutes after your flight has taken off. 
    • Powering devices
      • You must carry all your batteries in your carry-on baggage. 
      • The battery terminals must either be recessed or insulated to prevent contact with metal or other battery terminals. 
      • You must carry an adequate supply of batteries to power your medical device before/during/after your flight while accounting for unexpected delays. It is recommended to bring 1.5 times the total time required. 
      • The aircraft‚Äôs charging ports are not designed for charging medical devices and may cause damage and/or injury if used. 
    • Seating restrictions 
      • Some seating locations (such as emergency exit row seats) may not be permitted. 
    • Needles and syringes
      • Needles and syringes are allowed as carry-on items only if you‚Äôre carrying the accompanying medication and you‚Äôll be requiring them on the flight. The medication must bear a pharmacy label with the passenger‚Äôs name and the syringes must have protective guards and must be carried in a medical container. 
      • You must use the sharps container to dispose of the used needles (ask the cabin crew for its location). 
    • Medical kits
      • You may be required to present company identification at customs if you‚Äôre travelling with a medical kit containing syringes or medication.
      • WestJet allows 1 medical bag in excess of your carry-on baggage weight.
  • Wheelchairs, scooters, mobility aids

If you‚Äôre travelling with a wheelchair, scooter, or mobility aid, remember the following points: 

  • Notify WestJet Airlines at least 48 hours before departure.
    • If you‚Äôre booking by phone, call customer service number.
    • If you‚Äôre making a new booking online via WestJet.com, use the Accessibility request section on the Guest details page.
    • If you‚Äôve already made a booking and want to add wheelchair service, access your booking via Manage trips, choose Guest Info, select an option from the Accessibility request section, and save the selection.
    • Alternatively, contact WestJet online to get the details added.
    • For assistance, call customer service number. 
  • Even if your mobility aid has been marked as Safe for Air Travel or Airline Approved, it does not mean it will be automatically approved by WestJet.
  • Allowance 
    • You‚Äôre allowed 1 wheelchair per passenger free of charge in addition to your checked baggage allowance. If you‚Äôre travelling with more than 1 wheelchair, you will be charged for it. If you‚Äôre using a wheelchair for sporting events, it will fall within the airline‚Äôs limits of liability. 
    • WestJet will accept up to 2 folding wheelchairs (1 per passenger) in the cabin of Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. You won’t be able to use your wheelchair on board the aircraft, but an onboard wheelchair will be available for use. 
  • Size and weight restrictions
    • If you want to carry your mobility aid/wheelchair in the aircraft‚Äôs cargo section, it must be small enough to go through the cargo door and may need to be turned to its side to go through the entrance, depending on the aircraft. If your wheelchair cannot be turned on its side, it will not be accepted for transport.
    • Most mobility aids/wheelchairs are transported in an upright position. Depending on your wheelchair, the batteries may need to be removed.¬†
Cargo Door Dimensions/Clearance
AircraftForward HoldAft Hold
Width x Height
Max weight
Dash 8 (DHC-8-400)Max. width 24in/61cm
Max. height 54in/136cm
Max. weight 300lb/136kg
Max. width 51in/130cm
Max. height 59in/150cm
Max. weight 300lb/136kg
Boeing 737 (600, 700, 800, and MAX)Max. width 33in/84cm
Max. height 48in/122cm
Max. weight 300lb/136kg
Max. width 33in/84cm
Max. height 48in/122cm
Max. weight 300lb/136kg
Boeing 787-9 DreamlinerMax. width 64in/162.4cm 
Max. height Varies
Max. weight 300lb/136kg
Max. width 64in/162.4cm
Max. height Varies
Max. weight 300lb/136kg
  • Service to/from the aircraft
    If requested, WestJet will:
    • Assist you to and from the aircraft door. 
    • Help transfer you from your wheelchair/ mobility aid to the airline‚Äôs wheelchair and the plane seat, both before and after your flight.
    • Take you to the airport washroom‚Äôs entrance on a wheelchair (but not inside the washroom). If you require assistance inside the washroom, you must travel with a personal attendant. 
    • Let you use your personal wheelchair/mobility aid until it needs to be stored, after which it will be returned to you promptly after arrival.
    • Take you to the designated location and check on you from time to time. 
    • Let you board your aircraft before other guests. 
  • WestJet Check-in, disassembling, packaging, and reassembling
    • If you‚Äôve informed WestJet at least 48 hours before departure, the airline staff will help you disassemble your battery-powered wheelchair/mobility aid, pack it, and reassemble it upon arrival (if required).
    • To ensure everything goes smoothly, you must check in for your flight at least 30 minutes before departure so that you have enough time to prepare your wheelchair/mobility aid for the flight. 
    • Make sure you have disassembly/reassembly instructions for your wheelchair/mobility aid. 
    • Provide the necessary tools to disassemble/reassemble your wheelchair/mobility aid. 
    • Before travelling, do:
      • Check the size limitations for aids.
      • Ensure that your mobility aid‚Äôs batteries are permitted.
      • Carry easily-removable pieces such as headrests, cushions, joysticks, baskets, etc., in your Westjet carry-on baggage as long as they are within the baggage dimensions. 
  • On-board assistance
    • You will receive assistance from the cabin crew for transferring you between your seat and the washroom, as long as you can stand, pivot, and bear your weight. 
    • You will be offered stability as you enter and exit the washroom. However, you will be required to attend to your personal needs inside the washroom.

WestJet Airlines Destinations 

WestJet Airlines flies to 100-plus destinations including Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Prince Edward Island 
Nova Scotia 
Northwest Territories 
New Brunswick 
British Columbia 

United States
Washington State
South Carolina 
New York 
Hawaiian Islands 
Caribbean and Central America
Turks and Caicos Islands
Saint Maarten / St. Martin 
Saint Lucia 
Puerto Rico 
Port of Spain 
Dominican Republic 
Costa Rica 
Cayman Islands 
United Kingdom

Riviera Maya
Purerto Vallarta 
Los Cabos 

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