Ethiopian Airlines (ET) is Ethiopia’s flag carrier. Headquartered at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopian Airlines is wholly owned by the government of Ethiopia. Its main hub is at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport and its secondary hub is at Lomé–Tokoin International Airport

In terms of passengers flown, destinations served, fleet size, and revenue, Ethiopian Airlines is Africa’s largest airline. An Ethiopian Airlines booking can take you to 125-plus destinations, incl. 20 domestic destinations.

Ethiopian Airlines has a fleet size of 130 aircraft. ET was rated by Skytrax as the Best Airline in Africa 2021 for the fourth consecutive year. Other awards include Best Business Class in Africa 2021 (third consecutive year), Best Economy Class in Africa 2021 (third consecutive year), and the Best Cabin Crew in Africa 2021.

Ethiopian Airlines has been certified as a 4-star airline by Skytrax. In 2021, airline customers ranked Ethiopian #37 in the World’s Top 100 Airlines for 2021.

Ethiopian Airlines Booking Methods

You can make a ticket booking on Ethiopian Airlines:

  1. By phone
  2. Online via the website
  3. With the mobile app 
  4. At an Ethiopian Airlines ticket center 
  5. Through a travel agent 

Note. If you’re flying to/from the United States/Canada, you must reconfirm your booking (incl. the remainder of your itinerary) at least 72 hours before departure, except when your departure is within 72 hours of arrival.

Ethiopian Airlines Online Booking

Ethiopian Airlines online ticket booking process

If you want to make online flight reservations from Frontier Airlines’ official site, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to 

The Booking box will show up on your screen. 

  1. Provide your flight requirements in the boxes
    (From, To, Departure and Return Dates, No. of Passengers, Class, etc.)
  2. Click on the Search Flight button 
  3. Select your fare option 
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your booking
  5. Confirm your booking and pay

You will receive your e-ticket after your payment is accepted. 

Other Flight Booking Options 

You can also make your Ethiopian Airlines flight booking: 

  • By phone
    (Call )
  • With the mobile app
  • At an Ethiopian Airlines sales office
  • Your travel agent 

Services for Special Needs Passengers

Frontier Airlines provides special assistance services to passengers with disabilities. If you’ll be requiring any special services such as wheelchair assistance, you should make your request at the time of booking your ticket.

Advance Notice. If you’ll be requiring special assistance, you must provide advance notice of: 

  • At least 72 hours (before departure) if you’ll be requiring medical oxygen from Ethiopian Airlines. Plus, you should check in 1 hour before the standard check-in time to ensure there are no last-minute glitches.
  • At least 48 hours (before departure) and also check in 1 hour earlier if:
    • You’ll be using a respirator, ventilator, CPAP machine, or POC (portable oxygen concentrator). 
    • You’ll be travelling on a stretcher.
    • You’ll be requiring hazardous materials packaging for assistive devices/batteries that need special packaging. 
    • You’re travelling with a service animal in the aircraft cabin. 
    • You have a severe vision-cum-hearing impairment.
    • You require an onboard wheelchair during your flight. 
    • You’re travelling with an infant in an incubator.

You can make a special service request: 

  1. Online when booking your flight ticket 

(select your special request from the Passenger Information section)

  1. Online after booking your ticket by filling out the Disability Request Form
    (if your flight is to/from the United States)
  2. By phone () 


If your flight is to/from the United States, you’re travelling certain medical conditions, and you require special care during the flight, you will need to: 

  • Fill out a Medical Information Form (MEDIF), and 
  • Email it to

Seating restrictions. Disabled passengers will not be allowed to occupy: 

  • Emergency exit row seats
  • Over-wing emergency exit row seats 
  • Seats where the ventral stair may be used as an emergency exit 
  • Upper deck seats on B747s


  • Check in 1 hour earlier if you’ll be needing assistance at the airport or on the aircraft. 
  • Inform in advance if you require a specific seating arrangement.
  • If you’ll be using a battery-powered assistive device on the flight, you must contact the airline at least 48 hours before departure. 
  • You must carry an adequate supply of batteries to power your medical/assistive device for at least 150% of your flight’s duration.

After reaching the airport, ask an Ethiopian Airlines representative at the ticket counter for assistance. 

Ethiopian Airlines Flight Status

You can check the status of your Ethiopian Airlines flight:

  • By phone
    (call the Ethiopian Airlines airport office in your city) 
  • Online via 
  • With the mobile app

You can check your Ethiopian Airlines flight status online by your flight number or airport, as explained below: 

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Flight Information tab on the right 
If you don’t know your flight numberIf you know your flight number
Enter your: Departure Airport Arrival Airport Departure DateClick on the I know my flight number link below Enter your: Flight Number Departure Date
  1. Click on the Check flight status button 

Your flight status will appear on the screen. 

Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking

Manage your existing flight bookings quickly with Manage Booking 

A screenshot of Ethiopian Airlines online Manage Booking functionality

Ethiopian Airlines Manage Booking functionality is a useful online tool that allows you to manage your flight bookings yourself by allowing you to:

  1. Purchase extra baggage 
  2. Buy on-board Wi-Fi 
  3. Purchase a premium seat 
  4. Select or change your seat 
  5. Change your flight date/time 
  6. Rebook your flight ticket 
  7. Cancel your flight ticket 
  8. Refund your flight ticket
  9. Bid and upgrade to Cloud Nine
  10. Use your Miles to upgrade to Cloud Nine
  11. Buy a flight ticket 
  12. Hold your flight booking and pay later
  13. Add a meal request 
  14. Add special requirements
  15. Add your frequent flyer number to earn miles

To manage your Ethiopian Airlines booking, follow the steps below: 

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Manage Booking tab 
  3. Enter your Booking Reference and Last Name
    (Your booking reference is a unique 6-digit alphabetical code to identify your booking. It appears on your booking confirmation mail and E-ticket as Reference Number, Record Locator, or PNR).
  4. Click on the Retrieve booking button
    Your flight booking will appear on the screen
  5. Select your flight booking and follow the on-screen prompts to:
    1. Purchase extra baggage 
    2. Buy on-board Wi-Fi 
    3. Purchase a premium seat 
    4. Select or change your seat 
    5. Change your flight date/time 
    6. Rebook your flight ticket 
    7. Cancel your flight ticket 
    8. Refund your flight ticket
    9. Bid and upgrade to Cloud Nine
    10. Use your Miles to upgrade to Cloud Nine
    11. Buy a flight ticket 
    12. Hold your flight booking and pay later
    13. Add a meal request 
    14. Add special requirements
    15. Add your frequent flyer number to earn miles

You can also use Ethiopian Airlines mobile app or call to manage your booking for you.

Ethiopian Airlines Booking Phone Numbers

Ethiopian Airlines booking phone numbers are: 

  • U.S.A. and Canada
    +1-866-399-0587(toll-free, open 24/7) 
  • Booking Enquiries
    +1-866-399-0587(incl. changes and confirmations)
  • Call Center Numbers by Country
    • United Kingdom +44 1753 967980
    • United Arab Emirates +971 800 0320372
    • Uganda +256 800 113274
    • Turkey +251 116 179 900
    • Thailand +66 2 508 8794
    • Tanzania +251 116 179 900
    • Switzerland +41 800 563 726
    • Sweden +46105517457
    • Sudan +46 10 551 74 57
    • Spain +34 518 89 99 48
    • South Korea 0030-8321-0197
    • South Africa +27 87 551 8262
    • Singapore +65 3129 2255
    • Seychelles +251 116 179 900
    • Saudi Arabia +251 116 179 900
    • Russia +7 (495) 937-59-45
    • Qatar +251 116 179 900
    • Puerto Rico +1 787 339 2238
    • Portugal +351 800 832 061
    • Poland +48 22 263 03 89
    • Philippines +63 1 800 1322 0154
    • Oman +251 116 179 900
    • Norway 800 73 634
    • Nigeria +251 116 179 900
    • New Zealand +64 4 887 1261
    • Netherlands +31 85 001 3798
    • Mali +223 44 96 00 33
    • Malaysia +60162991696
    • Madagascar +251 116 179 900
    • Lithuania +370 5 214 1606
    • Kuwait +251 116 179 900
    • Kenya +254 20 3892349
    • Japan +81 50 3204 1144
    • Italy +251 116 179 900
    • Israel +97233726991
    • Ireland +353 76 888 8303
    • Indonesia +62 780 33218406
    • India +91 80004 01687
    • Hong Kong +852 3008 3642
    • Guinea +224 660 71 03 28
    • Ghana +233 24 242 6303
    • Germany 0800 0006062
    • France +33 9 74 59 55 53
    • Ethiopia +251 116 179 900
    • Estonia +372 8807941
    • Egypt +20 800 000 9632
    • China +86 4008-071-787
    • Canada
    • Brazil +55 19 4560 0377
    • Botswana +267 8007861007
    • Benin +229 62 50 09 79
    • Belgium +32 78 25 92 42
    • Bahrain +251 116 179 900
    • Austria +43 720 229149
    • Argentina +54 11 5168 6142
    • Angola +251 116 179 900

Ethiopian Airlines Travel Classes

Ethiopian Airlines offers 2 travel classes—Economy Class and Business Class. 

Economy Class

Economy Class passengers are entitled to complimentary in-flight amenities such as beverages (incl. wine) and the use of headsets where audio/visual entertainment is available.

Business Class

  1. Business Class (Cloud 9) passengers are entitled to:
    • Additional baggage allowance
    • Exclusive access to C9 lounges
    • Priority boarding 
    • Complimentary inflight amenities such as beverages (incl. wine), toilet articles, hot towels, and the use of headsets where audio/visual entertainment is available.

Ethiopian Airlines Seat Booking

How to book a seat on Ethiopian Airlines

You can make a seat booking on Ethiopian Airlines at the time of booking or later. You can do this online at the time of booking, later through Manage Booking, or when you check in online or at the airport.  The earlier your book your seat, the more choice you will have. 

How to Book a Seat Online After Purchasing Your Ticket

If you did not make a seat booking at the time of purchasing your ticket, you can do it later as shown below. 

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Manage Booking tab
  3. Retrieve your flight booking as follows:
    1. Enter your Booking Reference and Last Name
    2. Click on the Retrieve booking button
  4. Select your flight booking 
  5. Follow the prompts to choose (or change) your seat from the seat map

If you do not choose your seat, you’ll be randomly assigned a seat at check-in. 

Ethiopian Airlines Book Now Pay Later—Flight Pass 

Ethiopian Flight Pass allows you to pre-purchase your flight at a pre-set low fare without indicating your date of travel. You can purchase your Flight Pass by paying only 20% of the fare upfront and pay the balance in easy installments if your Flight Pass is worth more than USD 500. 

Booking a flight with Flight Pass can save you up to 50%—with no need to worry about future price increases. Flight Passes are valid for 2 years.

Ethiopian Airlines In-flight Entertainment 

Ethiopian Airlines in-flight services include movies, wi-fi, TV, and audio entertainment.

Ethiopian Airlines Frequent Flyer Program—Sheba Miles 

Ethiopian Airlines Frequent Flyer Program—Sheba Miles 

Ethiopian Airlines frequent flyer program is known as Sheba Miles. Sheba Miles is free to join and allows you to benefit from flights bookings made up to 90 days before joining. After joining the program, you can earn miles on Ethiopian Airlines flights as well as flights on Star Alliance member airlines.

ShebaMiles offers a 4-tier membership level—Blue, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The more tier miles you earn, the more tier benefits you earn. The tier-wise benefits of joining ShebaMiles are as follows:

Benefits (Ethiopian Airlines)BlueSilverGoldPlatinum
Extra baggage allowance11lb/5kg1 x 50lb/23kg bag1 x 70lb/32kg bag2 x 50lb/23kg bags
Bonus Miles on Ethiopian Airlines25% of base miles75% of base miles100% of base miles
Priority airport standby
(when flights are full)
Executive lounge access
Free award ticket rebooking
Priority baggage handling
(at destination airport)
Priority check-in
Advance boarding
Guaranteed seats
(up to 24 hours before departure if booked directly via ET)
Complimentary upgrade
(2 per flight segment per year upon request, only for members)
Personal assistance
(at Addis Ababa, on request)
Free award ticket cancellation
Benefits (Star Alliance Member Airlines)BlueSilverGoldPlatinum
Priority airport standby
Priority reservation waitlist
Priority on check-in
Extra baggage allowance in addition
Gold Track (Priority Security & Immigration)
Lounge access throughout the Star Alliance network
Priority boarding
(on all Star Alliance member airlines flights)
Priority baggage handling

Ethiopian Airlines Travel Destinations

Ethiopian Airlines flies to 130+ destinations across Ethiopia (21 cities), Africa (63 cities), Europe, North and South America (22 cities), and the Gulf, Middle East, and Asia (26 cities).

Popular Flights to Domestic Destinations (21 cities)

Addis Ababa

Shire and Shilavo





Jinka,Kabri Dar








Dire Dawa


Bale Robe

Bahar Dar



Arba Minch

Popular Flights to Africa (63 cities)




Victoria Falls



Nosy Be Ouagadougou




































Dire dawa






Cape Town






Bahir dar 



Addis Ababa



Popular Flights to Europe, North and South America (22 cities)




Rio De Janeiro











Buenos Aires



Washington DC




Popular Flights to the Gulf, the Middle East, and Asia (26 cities) 


Tel Aviv










Kuala Lumpur



Hong Kong












Frequently Asked Questions on Ethiopian Airlines Flight Booking

What is the reservation fee for online booking at Ethiopian Airlines?

Online booking is free at Ethiopian Airlines.

What are the infant fares on Ethiopian Airlines?

Lap infants below 2 years of age are required to pay 10% of the accompanying adult’s fare. Accompanied children between 2 and under 12 years of age will be charged 75% of the applicable adult fare (unless provided otherwise in the fare rules). 

Can I change a booking on Ethiopian Airlines?

Yes, you can make changes to your Ethiopian Airlines flight booking. However, you may have to pay the applicable change fees, depending on the fare rules of your ticket. 

What are Ethiopian Airlines consumer rankings like?

Ethiopian Airlines was ranked the Best Airline in Africa 2021 for the fourth successive year. Below is a snapshot of how passengers ranked Ethiopian Airlines in the recent past:

Trip Advisor Airline Review Rating  3.5/5 stars (of 5,731 reviews)
Kayak Customer Rating  6.5/10 (of 978 reviews)
Skytrax Ranking 4-Star Airline
Skytrax Customer Rating 5/10 (from 497 reviews)

How do I book a seat on Ethiopian Airlines?

You can book a seat on Ethiopian Airlines online or by phone when you’re booking your ticket, as well as after booking and during check-in. But the later you book, the less likely are you to find a seat of your choice.

What form of payment does Frontier Airlines accept?

Ethiopian Airlines accepts payments by: 

Local and international cardssuch as UATP, JCB, American Express, Elo Card, Diners Club, Hipercard, Discover Card, China Union Pay, MasterCard, Visa, K-Net, Verve International, and Bancontact. 
Mobile payments such as MTN Mobile Money, Mobi Cash, Orange, EcoCash, Vodacom M-Pesa, Equitel, Airtel Money, TeleCash, Tigo, and M-Pesa. 
Online banking. 
E-Wallet (Paga Wallet, Skrill, Alipay, PayPal, and WeChat Pay).
Other payment methods such as Konbiniand mobile banking.

How do I find my Ethiopian Airlines booking reference?

Your booking reference is a 6-alphabet code that appears on your booking confirmation email and E-ticket. It may also be referred to as Record Locator, Reference Number, or PNR.

How do I book or change a seat if I’ve already booked my ticket?

If you’ve already booked your ticket online via, you can book or change your seat through the Manage Booking tab on the homepage. Retrieve your flight booking and follow the on-screen prompts to select or change your seat from the seat map.

What is Ethiopian Airlines booking phone number?

Ethiopian Airlines booking phone number . This phone number is open 24/7 and toll-free if you’re calling from the U.S. or Canada.

How do I add baggage to my Ethiopian Airlines flight booking?

If you’ve already booked your flight, you can add baggage online via the Manage Booking tab on the homepage. Retrieve your flight booking and follow the on-screen prompts to add baggage and pay. 

Can you tell me about the Ethiopian Airlines ticket booking application?

You can use Ethiopian Airlines’ ticket booking application, i.e., mobile app, to book your ticket to 110-plus destinations. The app is available for Android and iPhone devices free of charge. After downloading the app, just create your free account and get started. 

Can you tell me about the Ethiopian Airlines booking website?

Ethiopian Airlines booking website can be accessed via the homepage, Simply go to the homepage, enter your travel requirements and preferences to complete your booking, and pay. You will receive your e-ticket by mail shortly after you make the payment.

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